Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved

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Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved


Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved - takes a look at the MANY ways which UNSAVED people [false converts] Think they're Saved, when Biblically they Might Not be. This Bible Study / Article also goes along with the above: SO4J-TV Show: Judgment Day - Are You Ready (1 hour)

Matthew 7:21-23 (NASB) JESUS says, "Not everyone who says to ME, 'LORD, LORD,' will enter the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, but he who does the WILL of MY FATHER who is in HEAVEN will enter. "MANY will say to ME on that DAY, 'LORD, LORD, did we not PROPHESY in YOUR NAME, and in YOUR NAME CAST OUT DEMONS, and in YOUR NAME PERFORM MANY MIRACLES?' "And then I will declare to them, 'I NEVER KNEW you; DEPART from ME, you who PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.



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[ This 1 Hour TV Show can also be seen here: & goes through the: Top 10 Ways Unsaved People Think They're Saved ]



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  7. REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE - LUKE 17:32-33


The Questions is: "Are You Ready for Judgment Day?" and "If you Died TODAY do you know FOR SURE (Biblically) where you will spend Eternity?" Are you Trusting in your: Good Works alone, Your Traditions, Your Denomination, Spiritual Gifts, or in What a Good Person You Are, etc to get to Heaven? Will you be found by Jesus to be Guilty or Innocent?

We are warned by Jesus & God's Word NOT to base our Eternal Salvation on: Our Good Works, Church Titles, Denominations, our Emotions, or because you attend Church, were Baptized, Confirmed, are Religious, or Spiritual.

“Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They’re Saved” shows the many ways which Satan deceives Billions of people into believing a lie that they are Saved, when maybe they are not. We are warned by Jesus NOT to base our Eternal Salvation on: Our Good Works alone, Church Titles & Denominations, our Emotions, or because you attend Church, etc. This Teaching is to help us Examine our Life (2 Cor 13:5) with the light of what God’s Word says, as someday we will all appear before Jesus Christ to be Judged, to see if our lives lined up with God’s Word. (Rom 2:5-11, Rev 20:11-15, Heb 9:27) We will expose these deceptions & misconceptions that are all Contrary to God’s Word.

"If What You Say, Think, or Do is Contrary to God's Word, You Are Being Deceived!" — Martha Mac, SO4J-TV
Rev 12:9 "Satan deceives the Whole World"



Unsaved People Think That They're Saved

Are you Truly Saved or are you Self-Deceived? Examine Your Faith with God's Word! (2 Cor 13:5) - SO4J-TV

Lukewarm Unsaved People can look and act Saved by: Attending Church or Christian Functions, Singing in the Church Choir, Lifting their Hands at Church, and being very excited about Jesus in their Youth Group, or at a: Christian Concert, Retreat, or Conference. They might Work at Church, Teach Sunday School, be a Priest, or a Worldwide well known Preacher, Teacher, Priest, or Pastor. Some might have an incredible Christian Ministry, or be working on an a Christian Project, Book, Movie, Magazine, Church, etc. in which they talk to others about their Project or their Ministry MORE than they talk to others about JESUS! (2 Cor 4:5) They might appear to be quite focused on God and appear to be a person of deep Prayer; they might even have a Ministry that teaches people on how to Pray. They might be very zealous, and outgoing for Jesus. They might give Money to Charities, or Tithe at Church, and/or they might have memorized their Bibles inside and out. They might be: Soul Winners, Perform Healings, Miracles, Cast out Demons, and have the Power to Prophecy. They might Follow Church Traditions and Doctrines, and say Christian Clich. They might be a Contemporary “Christian” Singer or a Musician in a very talented “Christian” Band, but when you go to their website or to a “Christian” Concert they have very little mention about the name of JESUS, and/or how one can be Biblically Saved; it’s mainly only info about themselves, and their “Christian” Music, Merchandise, Tours...etc. Lukewarmers can look “HOT” for Jesus by: displaying a Christian Bumper Sticker on their car, and even wearing a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) wristband. They might be a Well-Known Person who took a stand for great "causes" like: Illiteracy, Aids, and Worldwide Famine, or be a Best Selling “Christian” Author, and have a “Christian” Radio or TV Show. They might simply be a: Good Person, a Mom, a Dad, or a Grand Parent, doing Good & Kind Deeds. The Lukewarm Person might be known to the World as a Good Person who was a: “Reverend,” a “Pope,” a “Father,” a “Bishop,” a Religious Nun, or a “Pastor” of a Church; even a very large and prosperous Church that is known Worldwide.

  • Mark 4:12 Jesus says, ”They see what I do, but they don't perceive its meaning. They hear My words, but they don't understand. So they will not Turn from their Sins and be Forgiven.”

The point is, you can appear to be the most Godly person on Earth, and still miss Heaven and spend Eternity in Hell. You can appear to have your act together with the Lord, but God knows the true condition of each man’s heart.

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Video: A CALL TO DISCIPLESHIP - PHIL JOHNSON [LUKE 9:59-62] - SO4J-TV Opens In-New-Window Icon
FROM SO4J-TV: "ANSWERING CHRIST'S CALL TO DISCIPLESHIP" - PHIL JOHNSON EXPLAINS: Luke 9:59-62  Phil Johnson preached an important message (this is an excerpt) from Luke 9:59-62, in our "GraceLife" Fellowship Group in the Family Center at Grace Community Church, CA .. our Senior Pastor at GCC is: John MacArthur. Phil Johnson is a Pastor (along with: Mike Riccardi) of the "GraceLife" Fellowship Group at Grace Community Church, CA (GCC), CA.Phil Johnson is the Executive Director of "Grace To You" Ministries [], and has been closely associated with John MacArthur since 1981, and edits most of John MacArthur's major books. He is also an Elder at Grace Community Church, CA.

This Video is about the Fate of FALSE CONVERTS (APOSTATES) who come to the EDGE of Saving Faith— but they eventually REJECT or WALK AWAY from the Truth (Video Portayal of Matt 7:21-23) Lukewarm Christians (Apostasy) are UNSAVED People who: THINK, TALK, LOOK like they are Saved. FYI - These Are NOT Genuinely Saved Christians portrayed in this Video— as they were NEVER Saved in the First Place. In Matt 7:21-23 Jesus says, "I NEVER KNEW you, Depart From Me, You Who Practice Lawlessness (Break God’s Laws)."

FROM SO4J-TV: This SO4J-TV show ( not seen above, but the link is or go is a warning from Matthew 7:21-23 where Jesus talks about the FATE of Self-Deceived FALSE CONVERTS who merely had come to the EDGE of Saving Faith - but they eventually REJECT or WALK AWAY from the TRUTH when Tested with the CARES & LURES of this Life. The 10 minute mini-movie that is inside this 1 Hour TV Show is a video portrayal of the LUKEWARM professing so-called "CHRISTIANS" of Matthew 7:21-23 which are UNSAVED people who: THOUGHT, TALKED, LOOKED like they were Saved but were not— which is DIFFERENT than a: Disobedient Christian/Believer like King David and/or Peter was at one time. The people that Jesus talks about in Matthew 7:21-23 were NOT True Believers, as they were NEVER saved to begin with— as Jesus says about them in: Matthew 7:23 "I NEVER knew you, Depart from Me, you who Practice Lawlessness".

"We're NOT Saved by WORKS (Legalism), but our FAITH is PROVEN (i.e.shown evidence or FRUIT) that we are SAVED by our WORKS." (Matthew 3:8). True Repentance produces GOOD FRUIT (Luke 3:8, John 15:8, Gal 5:22-24) and/or Obedience Jesus— and it is GOD who grants REPENTANCE-&-FAITH (2 Tim 2:25, Acts 5:30-31).  If one professes to be a Christian but there is no Obedience to God's Word (1 John 2:3-6) out of a Love for Jesus (John 14:15) & one Continues IN Sin (1 John 3:8-10) then we'll have to Face the Terrifying Consequences of Heb 10:26-31. This is called APOSTASY— which is a REJECTION or DESERTION from FAITH in JESUS & GOD'S WORD. Where people HEAR & RESPOND to the Gospel by making a “DECISION” for Christ or "PROFESSION OF FAITH" (like Judas). A False Convert named Demas in the New Testament is a Good Example of that. Demas made a "DECISION FOR CHRIST" became a Fellow Laborer with the Apostle Paul, Mark, and Luke in Philemon 1:23-24 — but when Tested with the "Cares of this Life" Demas did not Endure (Matt 10:22) in God’s Word— Read 2 Tim 4:10. Jesus warns us over & over again about True & False Conversion i.e. the PARABLE OF THE SOWER: Matt 13:3-23. Jesus warns too that "MANY" people will PERISH, and FEW (Percentage wise) Truly become Born Again— Matt 7:13-14, Matt 7:21-23, Luke 13:23-30, Matt 22:14, Phil 3:18-19. A True Believer should Reflect the GLORIOUS IMAGE OF CHRIST in our Lives (2 Cor 3:18, 2 Cor 5:17, Matt 5:16), by living HOLY & CLEAN lives (1 Pet 1:14-15,16-17) for GOD'S GLORY (1 Cor 10:31)— and Obey God's Word out of a LOVE FOR JESUS (Mark 12:30-31, Matt 10:37-39, John 14:15).

The Purpose of this SO4J-TV Show is to provoke those who call themselves “Christians" to Examine their Faith with God's Word (2 Cor 13:5), to make sure they are Biblically Saved and ready to face Jesus on Judgment Day (Rev 20:11-15, 2 Cor 5:10).  “Life is SHORT, Hell is FOREVER— REPENT & Have FAITH in JESUS!  SO4J-TV Team - - Written By Martha Mac ©


- Go Here for: Biblical Assurance of Salvation, Q & As, & To Examine Your Faith. Go Here for: Go Here for the: Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Video: An Appeal to Charismatic Pretenders (Matthew 7:13-27) - John MacArthur - Strange Fire Conference

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Jesus Warns - Many Good People Will Be Sentenced to Hell

Hell & the Lake of Fire - Jesus Warns - Many Good People Will Be Sentenced to Hell (Matthew 7:13-14) - SO4J-TV -

On Judgment Day many Good People who do GOOD DEEDS, who are even "Religious" will be sentenced to spend Eternity in Hell. Why?

  • Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus Warns us, "Not everyone who calls out to Me, 'Lord! Lord!' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL ENTER. On Judgment Day MANY will say to Me 'Lord! Lord! We PROPHESIED (or PREACHED), CAST OUT DEMONS, and PERFORMED MANY MIRACLES IN YOUR NAME.' But I will reply, 'I never knew you. Get away from Me, you who BREAK GOD'S LAWS."

So many people are Positive they are Saved because they think they are a: Good Person, have once said a "Sinner's Prayer", or go to Church. Yet the Bible clearly states you must: Repent & Believe the Gospel, Forsake All Sin, and Obey God's Word. Then our Faith will be Tested to see if it's Genuine or Not. (Deut 8:2, Deut 13:3; James 1:12; 1 Pet 1:7) Even Jesus was Tempted by Satan. (Matt 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13) Faith that Fizzles & Fails Before the Finish Line is Not a Saving Faith.

  • Matthew 10:22 Jesus says, "Those who endure until the end, will be saved."
  • Luke 6:46 Jesus says, "Why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t DO what I say?

Judas (the Disciple who "Accepted" Jesus and later betrayed Him), Failed his Tests & Temptations and was Found in the End to be a False Convert who had a Lukewarm "Love" for Jesus and a "Rocky Ground" Heart.

Here Judas was a close friend of Jesus (God) Himself. Judas was in Ministry with Jesus working along side Him continually, getting all the latest and greatest Teachings and Revelations about God's Word. He even "Accepted" and "Believed" in Jesus.

Judas Ate, Talked, and Fellowshipped with Jesus on a regular basis, as well as Praying with Jesus, and who knows— maybe he even did some of the same miracles of healing like some of the other Disciples did. Judas however merely Professed with his mouth in Jesus. His Belief in Jesus amounted to NO GOOD FRUIT, because He did not truly LOVE Jesus, as Jesus told His Disciples to do— John 14:15 "If you Love Me Obey My Commandments." Judas' Belief in Jesus did not follow through to a true Love and Obedience to God's Word. In fact, Judas was in the habit of Stealing from the Ministry of Jesus, so his life was actually the total opposite of what Jesus actual taught us in God's Word.

It's easy to be deceived, even when you are doing much Work for Jesus— even with Jesus Himself!

  • John 12:6 "Not that he (Judas) cared for the poor (he Professed that he did)—he was a THIEF, and since he was in charge of the Disciples’ Money, he OFTEN STOLE (practiced sin) some for himself."
  • Luke 16:10-13 Jesus says, “If you are DISHONEST (cheat, steal, lie) in LITTLE THINGS, you WON'T be honest with greater responsibilities. And if you are UNTRUSTWORTHY ABOUT WORLDLY WEALTH, who will trust you with the TRUE RICHES OF HEAVEN?"



True & False Conversion - Parable of the Sower

False Gospel equals False Convert - SO4J-TV -

Jesus warns us also about True & False Conversion in the "The Parable Of The Sower" (Matt13:3-23, Mark 4:3-20, Luke 8:5-15, Matt13:37-43). In this Story Jesus tells us about a Farmer (Jesus) who went out to Plant some Seeds (God's Word) in His Field. The Seeds fall on 4 Different Soils (Conditions of People's Hearts): Hard, Rocky, Thorny, and Good Soil. The Good Soil is a True Christian. The Hard, Rocky, Thorny Ground Hearers are: Lukewarm, Carnal “Christians”, they bear No “Fruit”, and are False Christians. They will end up in Hell. You can find out more about this Parable and find out what the Condition of your Heart is by reading: Judgment Day – Are You Ready? SO4J Bible Studies

Now let’s cover some of the “Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They’re Saved”, and see what God’s Word says.



Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved - Top 10 List

Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved

Here is my (Martha Mac of SO4J-TV) list of the Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved. FYI - This list is not from a Survey that I did. Not included in this list is the many Cults & False Religions & Teachings being taught Worldwide. These False Teachings are deceiving Billions of people throughout the worldtaking them down the Wide Path that leads to Destruction...Hell (Matt 7:13-14).





“I'm a Good Person— My God would never send a 'Good Person' to Hell”



"I Said the Sinner's Prayer, I Accepted Jesus, I Went Forward at an Alter Call— of course I'm Saved" 
(The "Sinner's Prayer" can lead people to a False Assurance. This Prayer is not bad IF there is Evidence of True Biblical Repentance or a changed life or Good"Fruit" in their lives - Matt 3:8 & Luke 3:8)



“I Shout & Praise God, I Lift My Hands To God, I Sing, I Listen To Christian Music, and go to Christian Concerts, etc”


“I Pay My Tithes, I Do Good Works, I Give To Charities, I Feed The Poor”


“I Go To Church, I was Baptized, Confirmed, I Pray & Read the Bible, I Fast, I Am Involved in Christian Ministry or help out with Christian Projects”


“I’m a Priest (Father), Pastor, Reverend, Teacher, a Christian Musician, Christian Author or Speaker”


“I’m a Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Baptist, etc.”



“God is Prospering Me, I ‘Sow Seeds’ & God Gives Me a Harvest”


“I Speak in Tongues, Heal, Cast Out Demons, Prophesy, and Do Miracles in Jesus Name"


"I Am a Spiritual Person" and "I Do Yoga & Contemplative Prayer"


1 - I'm a "Good" Person

“I'm a Good Person— Plus I'm not as bad as Hitler!"

Video: Good Person, Sinners Prayer - SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(3/9) Top 10 List  Opens In-New-Window Icon

These people who say "I'm a Good Person" usually compare their so called "goodness" to other people's "goodness," rather than to the Holiness & Perfection of God. They say things like, "I'm better than most people," "I do more good than bad," "I’m not Hitler." They have Human Pride. They also have a False Perception of God—and have made themselves a False Idol of who they think that God is, saying things like— My God is a loving God who would never send anyone to Hell.”

"Examine Yourself" (2 Cor 13:5)

Let's compare your "Goodness" to God's Perfect Standards, the 10 Commandments.

  • Have you ever Lied or Stolen? If so, God sees you as a Liar & a Thief.

  • Have you looked at someone with Lust?

  • Matt 5:27-28 Jesus says, “You have heard the Commandment that says, ‘You must NOT commit Adultery.’ But I say, anyone who even LOOKS AT A WOMAN WITH LUST has already COMMITTED ADULTERY WITH HER IN HIS HEART."

  • Have you ever Hated, or been Angry at anyone? If so, God sees you as a Murderer. (1 John 3:15; Matt 5:21-22)

Thieves & Adulterers will NOT inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. (Read 1 Cor 6:9-10)
Liars & Murderers will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. (Read Rev 21:8)
We're All Guilty! (Rom 3:23) On Judgment Day we'd ALL end up in Hell! (Rev 20:11-16; Rom 2:5-16)

When a person understands the Bad News, then the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will make much more sense to them.

Here are some more Bible Scriptures that show us that we fall short of God's Perfect Standards.

  • Mark 7:20-23 Jesus says, “Out of a Person’s Heart, come Evil Thoughts, Sexual Immorality, Theft, Murder, Adultery, Greed, Wickedness, Deceit, Lustful Desires, Envy, Slander, Pride, and Foolishness. All these Evil things come from within; they are what Defile you and make you UNACCEPTABLE TO GOD."

  • Heb 12:14 says, "Without Holiness No One shall see God."

No one has ever done Good— except for Jesus, who is God.

  • Romans 3:10-12 As it is written, "There is NONE RIGHTEOUS, NOT EVEN ONE; There is NONE who understands, There is NONE who seeks for God; All have turned aside, together they have become useless; There is NONE WHO DOES GOOD, THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE."

  • Luke 18:18-19 Once a religious leader asked Jesus this question: “GOOD Teacher, what should I do to inherit Eternal Life?” “Why do you call Me GOOD?” Jesus asked him. “Only GOD is truly GOOD." (Jesus is God - He is only GOOD!)

  • Matt 5:48 Jesus says, “Be PERFECT, just as your Father in Heaven is PERFECT. (a Sanctification Scripture)

  • Matthew 13:36-43 Jesus' disciples said, “Please explain to us the story of the weeds in the field.” Jesus replied, “The Son of Man is the farmer who plants the good seed. The field is the world, and the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom. The weeds are the people who belong to the evil one. The enemy who planted the weeds (false converts) among the wheat (True Christians) is the devil. The harvest is the end of the world, and the harvesters are the angels.“Just as the weeds (false converts) are sorted out and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the world. The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will remove from his Kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. And the angels will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous (the Good Wheat— True Christians) will shine like the sun in their Father’s Kingdom."

  • Luke 18:11-14 Jesus tells a story, “The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed this prayer: ‘I thank you, God, that I am not a sinner like everyone else. For I don’t cheat, I don’t sin, and I don’t commit adultery. I’m certainly not like that tax collector! I fast twice a week, and I give you a tenth of my income.’ “But the tax collector stood at a distance and dared not even lift his eyes to heaven as he prayed. Instead, he beat his chest in sorrow, saying, ‘O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.’ I tell you, this sinner, not the Pharisee, returned home justified before God. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


2 - Sinner's Prayer / Accepting Jesus

"I Said the Sinner's Prayer, I Accepted Jesus, I Went Forward at an Alter Call— of course I'm Saved!"

SO4J-TV is not saying that the Sinner's Prayer is necessarily Bad. What we are saying is that the Sinner's Prayer can lead people to a False Assurance (some magical prayer), as there must be Genuine Evidence of True Biblical Salvation of a changed life (2 Cor 5:17); showing Good "Fruit" of being Born Again with a New Nature (Gal 5:22-24) vs Bad Fruit (Gal 5:19-21).

Video: Altar Calls and the Sinner's Prayer?  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: "Repeat After Me" | History of the Modern Gospel (Session 5)  Opens In-New-Window Icon

The “Sinner’s Prayer” is a Prayer that one Prays when they understand they’ve sinned against a Holy God and are in need of a Savior. But it is so important that we understand that we are NOT to base our Eternal Salvation on any one single "magical" Prayer which might have been said years ago, IF we are presently living in darkness & sin, and living a life that is not in Obedience to God’s Word (1 Pet 1:14-17, 1 John 2:3-6, 1 John 3:9-10, Luke 6:46).

  • 1 John 1:6-7 So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing the truth. But if we are living in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.

There is also a false idea being preached these days in most churches, that tell people to simply come forward at an Altar Call, and "Accept" Jesus into your heart. They also say that ALL one needs to do to have Eternal life is to believe the FACTS about Jesus’ Life, Death, & Resurrection—and then you are Saved. While all of that is good, what most of these Churches are unknowingly doing are leading MANY people into a False Conversion, for they miss a key ingredient to Salvation and that is to REPENT, and BELIEVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Repentance & Belief go together.

Video: Should We Use Altar Calls in Our Evangelism? - Cross TV - Mark Kielar  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Many people also lean on a well known Scripture in Rom 10:13 which says, “Call upon the name of the Lord and you’ll be Saved.”

There is also the saying that God wants to fill that "God-shaped hole (void) in your heart"; and God can fill that emptiness, and give your life purpose, etc. And if you "Accept" Jesus He will deliver you from life’s problems, fix alcoholism, poverty, sickness, etc. This is all true, God can do these things, but the focus here is still on self— and not on Dying to Self and on Repentance and leaving everything to follow Christ.

  • Acts 17:30-31 "God commands everyone everywhere to Repent of Their Sins and Turn to Him, for He has set a Day for Judging the World with Justice by the man (JESUS) he has appointed, and he proved to everyone who this is by raising him from the dead.”

  • Luke 9:23-24 Jesus says, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it."

  • Acts 20:21 "I have had one message for Jews and Greeks alike—the necessity of Repenting from Sin and Turning to God, and of having Faith in our Lord Jesus."

  • Luke 13:3-5 Jesus says, "You will perish, too, unless you repent of your sins and turn to God.... and I tell you again that unless you repent, you will perish, too.”

  • Isaiah 29:13 And so the Lord says, “These people say they are mine. They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. And their worship of me is nothing but man-made rules learned by rote.”

  • Jeremiah 12:2 “Your name is on their Lips, but you are far from their Hearts.”

  • Mark 7:20-23 Jesus says, “Out of a Person’s Heart, come Evil Thoughts, Sexual Immorality, Theft, Murder, Adultery, Greed, Wickedness, Deceit, Lustful Desires, Envy, Slander, Pride, and Foolishness. All these Evil things come from within; they are what Defile you and make you Unacceptable to God.”

We are not promoting a Works Base Salvation at all, but we are simply stating the obvious that there is more to Salvation than having a Head Knowledge about Jesus Christ.


3 - I "Feel" Saved

“I Shout & Praise God, I Lift My Hands To God, I Sing, I Listen To Christian Music, and go to Christian Concerts, etc”

Video: Religious, Good Deeds, Feel Saved—SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(4/9) Top 10 List  Opens In-New-Window Icon

It's Not enough to "FEEL SAVED."

Satan can trick our Feelings and make us Think we are doing great, when really we are NOT. He deceived & Tricked Eve in the Garden.

We can be Self-Deceived.

Jesus tells us that MANY so called Christians will appear on Judgment Day (Matt 7:21-29) having been deceived by Satan who had led them to Trust in their Emotions, and who had "Faith" in their Spiritual Gifts and the "power of their words", rather than Believing & Obeying God's Word which is real Faith, and love for Jesus.

There are many people who live a Continual life of Sin and Disobedience to God's Word after hearing and receiving the Knowledge of the Truth in God's Word.

  • Hebrews 10:26-29 "If we deliberately CONTINUE SINNING after we have received Knowledge of the Truth, there is NO longer any sacrifice that will cover these Sins. There is only the terrible expectation of God’s Judgment and the raging fire that will consume his enemies. For anyone who refused to Obey the Law of Moses (in the Old Testament) was put to death without Mercy on the Testimony of two or three witnesses. Just think how much WORSE THE PUNISHMENT WILL BE for those who have trampled on the Son of God, and have treated the Blood of the Covenant (those New Testament people), which made us Holy, as if it were Common and Unholy, and have insulted and disdained the Holy Spirit who brings God’s Mercy to us."

Many believe that they can live any way that they want to because they think that they are now living in "the Grace Period" (which we are), but they thought that this gave them license to live any way that they wanted to. (Rom 6:1-23)

This all seemingly "Felt Right", but they will pay dearly for Believing this Lie of Satan, with their life.

  • Romans 6:15-16 "Well then, since God’s grace has set us free from the law, does that mean we can go on sinning? Of course not! Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living."

Satan did his job deceiving and twisting God's Word with Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Satan could most likely be deceiving YOU too in some way right now, because the Bible says that Satan, deceives the Whole World. He deceived the MANY in Noah's Day (only 8 people were righteous and survived the flood), and he his doing his job deceiving the Billions in our day too.

  • Revelation 12:9 "The serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world"

MANY choose the Easy Broad Path that leads to Death (Matt 7:13-14).

How can we know that we are being Deceived by Satan?

He Twists God's Word.

  • Genesis 3:1-24 The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made. One day he asked the woman, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” “Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied. “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.’” “You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.” The woman was convinced.
"If What You SAY, THINK, or DO is Contrary to God's Word, Then You Are Being Deceived!"sm

—Martha Mac, SO4J-TV & Video Productions

We are NOT to live our life by our feelings, or by listening to any voice that comes into our head.

  • Jeremiah 17:9 “The Human Heart is the most Deceitful of all things, and Desperately wicked.”
  • 2 Corinthians 11:14 "Even Satan disguises himself as an Angel of Light."

Go To These 2 Bible Teachings for More Info on" Hearing Voices & "Words from God":

  1. Voices - Hearing Voices
  2. Problems with Personal Words From God— How People Become False Prophets To Themselves

Don’t Trust in Your Emotions Like Adam & Eve Did, Trust 100% in God’s Word.

  • Proverbs 14:12 “There is a Way which seems right to a man (feels & looks right), but it’s end is the Way of Death.”

Some Self-Examination Questions to Ask Yourself Is:

1 - Is My Life Lining up with God's Word?
2 - Am I Conforming into the Image of Christ every day?

3 - Do I Look, Act, and Talk like Jesus?

4 - Am I Bearing Good Fruit for Jesus?

  • Romans 8:29-30 "For whom God Foreknew (God chose His people in advance), He also Predestined to be CONFORMED to the Image of His Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many Brothers and Sisters. Moreover whom He Predestined, these He also Called (He called them to come to Him); whom He called, these He also Justified (gave them right standing with Himself); and whom He Justified, these He also Glorified (gave them His Glory)."

  • 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 "But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, then the veil is taken away. Now, the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, He gives freedom. And all of us have had that veil removed so that we can be MIRRORS THAT BRIGHTLY REFLECT THE GLORY OF THE LORD. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become MORE AND MORE LIKE JESUS and REFLECT HIS GLORY EVEN MORE."

Once someone initially Repents & Believes the Gospel we are called to Bear Much "Fruit" for Jesus (John 15:5-13)— showing Biblical Evidence of Salvation.

  • John 15:8 Jesus says, "When you PRODUCE MUCH FRUIT, you are MY TRUE DISCIPLES. This brings GREAT GLORY to My Father."

  • Matt & Luke 3:8 "Prove by the way you live that you have Repented of your Sins and Turned to God (bear fruit in keeping with repentance)."

Forsaking Sin in Our lives (1 John 3:9-10), Obeying God's Word (1 John 2:3-6), out of our Love for Jesus (John 14:15).

And we shouldn't "FEEL" or be led by the Crowd, feeling Secure in the Safety in Numbers.

Don't ever follow the Crowd, as MOST people are on the Broad Road to Hell (Matt 7:13-14), FEW EVER walk the Narrow Difficult Path of a life of Love & Obedience to Jesus that leads to Life.

  • Amos 5:21-24 The LORD SAYS, "I HATE ALL YOUR SHOW AND PRETENSETHE HYPOCRISY OF YOUR RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS AND SOLEMN ASSEMBLIES. I will NOT accept your burnt offerings and grain offerings. I won't even notice all your choice peace offerings. AWAY WITH YOUR HYMNS OF PRAISE! They are only NOISE TO MY EARS. I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC, NO MATTER HOW LOVELY IT IS. Instead, I want to see a mighty flood of Justice, a River of Righteous living that will never run dry.”

  • Romans 10:2-3 “I know what enthusiasm they have for God, but it is misdirected zeal. For they don’t understand God’s way of making people right with himself. Refusing to accept God’s way, they cling to their own way of getting right with God...”

Keep following God's Word and Clinging to Jesus.

  • Hebrews 4:14 "That is why we have a Great High Priest who has gone to Heaven, Jesus the Son of God. Let us CLING TO HIM and never stop trusting Him."

  • 1 Timothy 1:19 "CLING TO YOUR FAITH IN CHRIST, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked."


4 - Good Deeds

“I Pay Tithes, Do Good Works, Give To Charities & Feed The Poor”

These people are apparently going to "Earn their way" into Heaven— Earning so called brownie points with God.

They try to pay their own fine for their Judgment of their Sin, but no amount of Good Deeds can earn a way into Heaven.

Good Deeds do have a huge role to play AFTER one has initially Repented & Believed the Gospel, but as far as working our way to Salvation through doing Good Deeds— if that is what you believe, you are being deceived. We are NOT Saved by Works (Eph 2:8-9), but once we Turn from our Sins & become Born Again, we Prove that we are Saved by our Works.

  • Titus 3:5 "He SAVED us, NOT because of the RIGHTEOUS THINGS WE HAD DONE, but because of HIS MERCY. He washed away our Sins, giving us a New Birth and New Life through the Holy Spirit."

  • Isaiah 64:6 "We are ALL Infected and Impure with Sin. When we DISPLAY OUR RIGHTEOUS DEEDS, they are NOTHING BUT FILTHY RAGS. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall, and our sins sweep us away like the wind."

  • Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by Grace you have been saved through Faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the Gift of God, not of Works, lest anyone should boast.”

  • Matthew 23:23 Jesus says, "How terrible it will be for you Teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest part of your income, but you ignore the important things of the law—justice, mercy, and faith.”

  • Luke 18:9-14- Religious Pharisee who put confidence in his Good Deeds VS The Despised Tax Collector -

Then Jesus told this story to some who had Great Confidence in their Own Righteousness and scorned everyone else: "Two men went to the Temple to Pray. One was a Pharisee, and the other was a Despised Tax Collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and Prayed this Prayer: ‘I thank you, God, that I am not a Sinner like everyone else. For I don’t Cheat, I don’t Sin, and I don’t Commit Adultery. I’m certainly not like that Tax Collector! I fast twice a week, and I give you a tenth of my income.’ “But the Tax Collector stood at a distance and dared not even lift his eyes to heaven as he prayed. Instead, he beat his chest in Sorrow, saying, ‘O God, be Merciful to me, for I am a Sinner.’ I tell you, this Sinner, NOT the Pharisee, returned home Justified before God. For those who Exalt themselves will be Humbled, and those who Humble themselves will be Exalted.”

  • Philippians 2:12 “Work out your Salvation with Fear and Trembling. For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”


5 - I Am Religious

“I Go To Church, I was Baptized, Confirmed, I Pray & Read the Bible, I Fast, I Am Involved in Christian Ministry or help out with Christian Projects”

Many people have a misunderstanding for the real reason to go to Church and be involved in Christian Projects and such. There are some who do so to: Relieve a guilty conscience, or they feel like it makes them feel better; or they feel like they are doing God a favor. They do these things out of obligation or duty.

  • Isaiah 58:2-3YET THEY ACT SO PIOUS! They come to the TEMPLE EVERY DAY and SEEM DELIGHTED TO LEARN ALL ABOUT ME. THEY ACT LIKE A RIGHTEOUS NATION that would never abandon the Laws of its God. They ask me to take action on their behalf, PRETENDING THEY WANT TO BE NEAR ME. ‘We have FASTED before you!’ they say. ‘Why aren’t you Impressed? We have been very hard on ourselves, and you don’t even notice it!’ “I will tell you why!” I respond. “IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE FASTING TO PLEASE YOURSELVES. Even while you Fast, you keep Oppressing your Workers.”

They ACT Religious & DO Religious THINGS to PLEASE THEMSELVES and NOT the LORD.

These people put their Confidence in their mere Human Flesh and not on Jesus—saying things like "I was Baptized, I was Confirmed, I ’ve always been a Christian, My Family is Christian, I Fast, I Pray..."

  • 2 Timothy 3:5 "They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!"

  • Matthew 23:5 Jesus says, “Everything they do is for show. On their arms they wear extra wide prayer boxes with Scripture verses inside, and they wear robes with extra long tassels.”

  • Luke 20:47 Jesus says, “They shamelessly cheat widows out of their property and then pretend to be pious by making long prayers in public. Because of this, they will be severely punished.”

  • Mark 12:40 Jesus says, “Yet they shamelessly cheat widows out of their property and then pretend to be pious by making long prayers in public. Because of this, they will be more severely punished.”

  • Isaiah 58:2-3 “Yet they act so pious! They come to the Temple every day and seem delighted to learn all about me. They act like a righteous nation that would never abandon the laws of its God. They ask me to take action on their behalf, pretending they want to be near me. ‘We have fasted before you!’ they say. ‘Why aren’t you impressed? We have been very hard on ourselves, and you don’t even notice it!’ “I will tell you why!” I respond. “It’s because you are fasting to please yourselves. Even while you fast, you keep oppressing your workers.”

  • Isaiah 65:5 “Yet they say to each other, ‘Don’t come too close or you will defile me! I am Holier than you!’ These people are a stench in my nostrils, an acrid smell that never goes away.”


6 - Christian Titles

“I’m a Priest (Father), Pastor, Reverend, Teacher, a Christian Musician, Christian Author or Speaker”

Video: Church Traditions, Denominations, Titles—SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(5/9) Top 10  Opens In-New-Window Icon

These people who put their trust merely in their Titles in life are being Deceived. They clearly have much Head knowledge about the Bible, but no true Godly Repentance & Faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

- These people appear to love the Status & Pride

- They feel important.

Jesus told us not to call anyone their SPIRITUAL FATHER except for GOD.

  • Matt 23:5-11 Jesus says, "But they do all their deeds to be noticed by men; for they broaden their *Phylacteries (see right below this scripture for definition) and lengthen the tassels of their garments. "They love the place of honor at banquets and the chief seats in the synagogues, and respectful greetings in the market places, and being called Rabbi by men. "But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. "DONOT CALL ANYONE ON EARTH FATHER; FOR ONE IS YOUR FATHER, HE WHO IS IN HEAVEN. "Do NOT be called LEADERS; for One is your Leader, that is,CHRIST. "But the greatest among you shall be your servant."

(*Phylactery— is a Greek term for Judaic leather boxes worn on the arm and head, and which contain scrolls inscribed with specific Biblical verses).

  • Luke 11:43 Jesus says, “What sorrow awaits you Pharisees! For you love to sit in the seats of honor in the Synagogues and receive respectful greetings as you walk in the marketplaces."

  • Acts 4:12 There is Salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be Saved.” (Jesus is that Name!)


7 - Christian / Church Denominations & Traditions

“I’m a Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Baptist, etc”

People like to put their confidence in everyone but God. They put their Church, and their Church Doctrines way above the Word of God. If you ask them if they are Saved they will say "I’m a Catholic", "I'm Lutheran", "Pentecostal", "Baptist", "Mormon", "Jehovah’s Witness", etc. Of course the last two mentioned are a Cult.

Here is what Jesus thinks about holding Church Traditions up, over the Word of God.

  • Mark 7:6-9 Jesus says, “You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you, for he wrote, ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.’ Neglecting the Commandment of God, you hold to the Tradition of Men." Jesus was also saying to them, "You are experts at setting aside the Commandment of God in order to keep your Tradition.”

  • Matt 15:7-9 Jesus says, “You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you, for he wrote, ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach Man-Made ideas as commands from God."

  • 2 Corinthians 4:5 “You see, we don’t go around preaching about ourselves. We preach that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we ourselves are your servants for Jesus’ sake.”

GOD'S WARNING TO ALL - These Priests, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, and Preachers are in deep trouble if they bind people to their: Laws, Traditions, Teachings that are Contrary to God's Word— those Rules & Traditions that Jesus did NOT tell us to be a part of.

An Example of a Religious Tradition in the Catholic Denomination:

The Tradition of Praying to "Mary" the Mother of Jesus, and or "Saints"

What does God's Word have to say about this?

1 Tim 2:5 "There is only ONE GOD and ONE MEDIATOR who can reconcile God and Humanity—the MAN CHRIST JESUS." Exod 20:3-5 GOD SAYS, “You must NOT have ANY OTHER GOD BUT ME. You must NOT make for yourself an IDOL OF ANY KIND or an IMAGE OF ANYTHING in the Heavens or on the Earth or in the Sea. You must NOT bow down to them or WORSHIP THEM, for I, the Lord your God, am a Jealous God who will NOT TOLERATE YOUR AFFECTION FOR ANY OTHER GODS...(6) But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love Me and Obey My Commands." Acts 4:12 There is salvation in NO ONE ELSE! God has given NO OTHER NAME UNDER HEAVEN by which we must be Saved.”

Here are the Plagues that will be Added on to people's Punishment for Adding to God's Word or Removing Words from God's Word.

  • Revelation 22:18-21 And I solemnly declare to everyone who hears the Words of Prophecy written in this Book: If anyone ADDS ANYTHING to what is written here, God will ADD to that person the PLAGUES DESCRIBED IN THIS BOOK. And if anyone REMOVES ANY OF THE WORDS from this Book of Prophecy, God will REMOVE that person’s share in the TREE OF LIFE and in the Holy City that are described in this Book. He who is the faithful witness to all these things says, “Yes, I Am Coming Soon!” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus! May the Grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s Holy People."


8 - God is Blessing Me / Prosperity

“God is Prospering Me, I ‘Sow Seeds’ & God Gives Me a Harvest”

Video: Prosperity Gospel is Unbiblical—SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(6/9) Top 10 List  Opens In-New-Window Icon

False Assurance— You are deceived by Satan if you are being so called "Blessed", but yet you live a life that is Disobedient to God's Word, and you practice Sin by: Lying, Stealing, Lustful Thoughts, Sex Before Marriage, etc

The False Prosperity Gospel is huge Worldwide, and many of these people involved in it have a false idea of God, with the belief that because God is "Prospering Me, and I’m Blessed, I ‘Sow Seeds’ And God Gives Me a Harvest" that means I have God's Stamp of Approval on my life. They are being deceived.

- Evidence of Salvation appears mostly to be measured by material wealth

- Focusing mostly on having success in this life

- If it works it must be God

  • 1 Timithy 6:5 "These people always cause trouble. Their Minds are Corrupt, and they have turned their backs on the Truth. To them, a SHOW OF GODLINESS IS JUST A WAY TO BECOME WEALTHY."

  • 1 Timothy 6:9-11 "But people who long to be RICH FALL INTO TEMPTATION AND ARE TRAPPED BY MANY FOOLISH AND HARMFUL DESIRES THAT PLUNGE THEM INTO RUIN AND DESTRUCTION.FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL KINDS OF EVIL. And some people, CRAVING MONEY, have wandered from the TRUE FAITH AND PIERCED THEMSELVES WITH MANY SORROWS. But you, Timothy, are a Man of God; so RUN FROM ALL THESE EVIL THINGS. Pursue Righteousness and a Godly Life, along with Faith, Love, Perseverance, and Gentleness."

  • Jeremiah 12:1-2 “Lord, you always give me justice when I bring a case before you. So let me bring you this complaint: Why are the wicked so Prosperous? Why are evil people so happy? You have planted them, and they have taken root and prospered. Your name is on their lips, but you are far from their hearts.”


9 - Spiritual Gifts

“I Speak in Tongues, Heal, Cast Out Demons, Prophesy, and Do Miracles in Jesus Name"

Video: Many Paths to God? No / Unbiblical Mysticism - SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(7/9)  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Jesus was the first person in the New Testament to warn us about the False Teachings of the "Word-of-Faith" Movement which appear to be Faith, but are NOT.

  • Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus says, “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the WILL of my Father in Heaven will enter. On Judgment Day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We PROPHESIED in your name and CAST OUT DEMONS in your name and PERFORMED MANY MIRACLES in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who BREAK GOD'S LAWS.

These False Teachers and False Converts above have more Faith in the Power of their words and in their Spiritual Gifts than they do Believing & Obeying God's Word. These people obviously minimized their Sin, and replaced Obedience to God's Word with the desire to see Many Miracles happen, etc. They apparently had more so called "FAITH" in their SPIRITUAL GIFTS than they did simply: Reading, Believing, and Humbly Obeying God's Written Word, out of love for Jesus.


QUOTE: "Faith is NOT Speaking into Existence what WE want, it's BELIEVING and OBEYING what HE wants." (1 John 2:3-6) --Martha Mac © SO4J-TV ® /

Jesus doesn't know these people because there is not a true lasting relationship between them, based on God's Word.

  • John 14:21 Jesus says, "Those who Accept My Commandments and Obey them are the ones who Love Me. And because they Love Me, My Father will love them. And I will love them and reveal Myself to each of them.” Judas (not Judas Iscariot, but the other disciple with that name) said to him, “Lord, why are you going to reveal yourself only to us and NOT to the WORLD AT LARGE?” Jesus replied, “All who Love Me will DO what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them. Anyone who doesn’t love Me will not Obey Me. And remember, my Words are not My own. What I am telling you is from the Father who sent me."

These people that put their trust in their so called Spiritual Gifts (but have no evidence of having lasting and Godly "Fruit") and such are some of the same ones who exalt getting "words from God" from other's & Personal Prophecy that are even beyond the Word of God. Those who Trust in their: Emotions, Religions, & False Teachings that Contradict God's Word.

Problems with Personal Words From God— How People Become False Prophets To Themselves

  • Galatians 1:7 "They are being Fooled by those who Twist and Change the Truth concerning Christ."

  • 2 Timothy 4:3 "For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to Sound and Wholesome Teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for Teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear."

  • Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that seems (feels) right to a man, but its end is the way of death (Hell).

  • Deuteronomy 13:1-18 "Suppose there are PROPHETS among you or those who dream dreams about the future, and they promise you SIGNS or MIRACLES, and the PREDICTED SIGNS OR MIRACLES OCCUR. If they then say, ‘Come, let us worship other gods’—gods you have not known before—do NOT listen to them. The LORD YOUR GOD IS TESTING YOU to see if you truly LOVE Him with all your Heart and Soul. Serve only the Lord your God and Fear him alone. Obey his Commands, listen to his voice, and cling to him. The FALSE PROPHETS or VISIONARIES who try to lead you astray must be put to death, for they encourage rebellion against the Lord your God, who redeemed you from slavery and brought you out of the land of Egypt. Since they try to lead you astray from the way the Lord your God commanded you to live, you must put them to death. In this way you will purge the evil from among you. “Suppose someone secretly entices you—even your brother, your son or daughter, your beloved wife, or your closest friend—and says, ‘Let us go worship other gods’—gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known. They might suggest that you worship the gods of peoples who live nearby or who come from the ends of the earth. But do not give in or listen. Have no pity, and do not spare or protect them. (9) You must put them to death! Strike the first blow yourself, and then all the people must join in...(18) “The Lord your God will be merciful only if you listen to his voice and keep all his commands that I am giving you today, doing what pleases him."

  • Deuteronomy 18:20-22 The Lord says, "But any PROPHET who FALSELY CLAIMS TO SPEAK IN MY NAME or who speaks in the name of another god must DIE.’ “But you may wonder, ‘How will we know whether or not a Prophecy is from the Lord?’ If the Prophet speaks in the Lord’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the Lord did not give that message. That Prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared."

(Many of the same Scriptures in the "I Feel Saved" - Section 3, also apply here)


10 - Spiritual Experiences or Mysticism

"I Am a Spiritual Person— and/or I Do Yoga & Contemplative Prayer, Labyrinths, etc"

Many people are being deceived by Satan into believing they are Saved from Hell because they are a "Spiritual Person" or have had a "Spiritual" Experience. You hear many of the well known Hollywood Actors say that they are a very "Spiritual Person" who does Yoga, etc. yet there lives do NOT line up with God's Word— in fact they live a life that is Contrary to God's Word, and they are being deceived by Satan.

There are those that want to experience the Supernatural, and or have a Mystical Experience like:

  • Mystical Rituals—labyrinths, contemplative prayer, lectio divina, breath prayer, yoga, Taize and other rituals

Instead of going to God's Word for their answers to their problems, etc, they open themselves up to "Hearing Voices", or needing to perform Mystical techniques of Prayer to "Hear from God" called "Contemplative Prayer", as they want an Experience to feel close to God.

What is Contemplative Prayer & Contemplative Spirituality? What's the Purpose?

Contemplative Prayer is not Prayer at All! It's A Mystical Prayer Practice that leads one into the "Silence" but in actuality it leads people away from God. Jesus and His Disciples NEVER did this sort of Prayer, nor should we. This is all False, and it goes Contrary to God's Word. This Prayer Practice is Mystically, based on a Technique or Method, in which one Empties the Mind of Thought through Repetition or a Mantra. They tell you to pick a Word or Phrase or to Focus on the Breath. By entering into the Silence or Absence of Thought, All Thought, it leads one into an Altered State of Consciousness (Transcendental Meditation or TM). It goes beyond Thought, providing an Experiential Union with so-called God or with Nature producing Body Sensations, Feelings, Images, & Reflections.

Contemplative Prayer is based on having a “Mysticism”, rather than Sound Biblical Doctrine.

The Purpose of Contemplative Prayer is to enter an Altered State of Consciousness in order to find one's "True Self", thus "finding God". This True Self relates to the belief that man is Basically Good. Proponents of Contemplative Prayer teach that all human beings have a divine center and that all, not just Born Again Believers, should practice Contemplative Prayer.

  • Mantra - Is actually from Hinduism - A sacred verbal formula repeated in Prayer, Meditation, or Incantation, such as an Invocation of a god, a Magic Spell, or a syllable or portion of scripture containing Mystical Potentialities.
  • Transcendental Meditation (TM) – is from ancient Hindu Writings, by which one seeks to achieve a relaxed state through regular periods of Meditation during which a Mantra is repeated.
  • Contemplative Spirituality a Belief System that uses ancient Mystical Practices to induce Altered States of Consciousness (the silence) and is rooted in mysticism and the occult but often wrapped in Christian terminology; the premise of contemplative spirituality is pantheistic (God is all) and panentheistic (God is in all).
  • Spiritual Formationa Movement that has provided a platform and a channel through which Contemplative Prayer is entering the Church. Find spiritual formation being used, and in nearly every case you will find Contemplative Spirituality. In fact, Contemplative Spirituality is the heartbeat of the Spiritual Formation Movement. 

 Yoga - What is Yoga? What is the Purpose behind Yoga? Is Yoga Biblical? (No!)


Video: Christians & Yoga - John MacArthur vs False Teacher Doug Pagitt - CNN Interview  Opens In-New-Window Icon


Yoga - "A Hindu Theistic Philosophy teaching the suppression of all activity of: Body, Mind, and Will in order that the self may realize its distinction from them and attain liberation.” It's Exercises (Physical, Mental or Spiritual) based on Eastern metaphysical assumptions designed to aid in enlightenment or self-realization. Goals sometimes include altered states of consciousness or uniting the practitioner with the impersonal pantheistic God. Types of Yoga include: Karma Yoga (spiritual union through correct conduct), Bhakti Yoga (spiritual union through devotion to a Guru), Juana Yoga (spiritual union through hidden knowledge), Raja Yoga (spiritual union through mental control), Hatha Yoga (spiritual union through body control/meditation), Kundalini Yoga (spiritual union through focusing inner energy) and Tantra Yoga (spiritual union through sexual practices). Yoga philosophy is based on the concept of reincarnation and is drawn from the Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures.

  • Deuteronomy 12:4-5 “Do not worship the Lord your God in the way these Pagan Peoples Worship their gods. Rather, you must seek the Lord your God at the Place of Worship he himself will choose from among all the tribes—the place where his name will be honored."

These are a Few of the New Age type practices that need to be Exposed for what they are, FALSE TEACHINGS.

We don't need a New Word from God, we need THEE Word of God.

  • Hebrews 1:1-2 "Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our Ancestors through the Prophets. And now in these Final Days, he has spoken to us through his Son (God's Word)."


Calling Yourself a "Christian" Doesn't Make Us Saved!

So we see that all these people mentioned above might look good on the outside carrying these Religious Titles, and or being very excited about Jesus, but inside their heart might be filled Evil Thoughts and an Evil Heart which makes us Unacceptable to God!

  • Mark 7:20-23 Jesus says, “Out of a Person’s Heart, come Evil Thoughts, Sexual Immorality, Theft, Murder, Adultery, Greed, Wickedness, Deceit, Lustful Desires, Envy, Slander, Pride, and Foolishness. All these Evil things come from within; they are what Defile you and make you Unacceptable to God.”

  • Matthew 23:25-28 Jesus warns, "How terrible it will be for you Teachers of Religious Law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! You are so careful to clean the outside of the cup and the dish, but inside you are filthy—full of greed and self-indulgence! Blind Pharisees! First wash the inside of the cup, and then the outside will become clean, too. "How terrible it will be for you Teachers of Religious Law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs—beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside with dead people's bones and all sorts of impurity. You try to look like upright people outwardly, but inside your hearts are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness.”

These “Carnal Christians” who are Lukewarm and Lost might have lot of head knowledge like the Pharisees had, and look outwardly Godly, but have no True Heart change. They might be people who appear to have much Godly Wisdom & have memorized God’s Word, but they might be breaking God’s Commandments in their Thoughts, and also by their Deeds! So no matter how Godly and Amazing you appear to People on the Outside, we can’t fool God. No man knows a person’s heart like God. (Matt 23:1-33, Mark 7:1-20, Mark 12:38-40, Luke 11:39-52, Mark 8:15, Isaiah 1:11, 1 Tim. 4:2, Jeremiah 23:11, Matt 6:2)

  • Romans 8:19 “For all Creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who His Children really are.”

Examine Your Heart (2 Cor 13:5) & Make Sure You Are Ready For Your “Day in Court” With Jesus SO4J-TV's Teaching on: Judgment Day – Are You Ready?



Unsaved People's Fruit Can Look Good - But God Knows Their Heart

At times it is hard to tell a True Christian from the Counterfeit “Christian”. Most always the Counterfeit “Christian” doesn’t even know that they are not Saved because they’ve been so deceived. In due time however you will begin to see the Bad Fruit produced in the lives of the Lukewarm so called “Christian.” Sooner or much later Seeds of Disobedience & Compromise to God’s Word & God’s Commandments that were sown by them (1 John 3:9-10, 1 John 2:3-6) will eventually shoot up to the surface, and give them away. By this time they have grown accustomed to their sinful nature, and many are completely deceived. Some want out of their sinful lifestyle of sexual sin, and other acts of disobedience, but Satan lies to them and so they believe his lies, and they feel hopeless with a feeling of no way out.

  • Romans 8:6 For to be CARNALLY MINDED is DEATH..."

  • Galatians 6:7-9 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” No man knows a persons heart but God.”

  • 1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord says, “People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at a person's heart (thoughts and intentions)."


Gospel of Jesus Christ - The Narrow Road

Video: Gospel of Jesus Christ—SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready? (8/9) by SO4J-TV  Opens In-New-Window Icon

There is only ONE way we can have Salvation, and it is through Jesus Christ (John 14:6, Eph 2:8-9)

Video: Matthew 7:13-14 - End: SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(9/9)



What Does a Real Christian Look & Act Like? - What Fruit is Produced?

Copyright / By Martha Mac / / SO4J TV

  • God's Word (Seed) falls on Good Ground - Matt 13:23
  • They Repent & Believe The Gospel of Jesus - Mt 4:17;18:3-4, Mk 1:15, Luke 13:3&5, Acts 2:38;17:30-31;20:21
  • They Obey God's Word - 1 John 2:3-6; 1 Peter 1:14-17
  • They Are Born Again - John 3:3 Jesus says, "Unless you are Born Again you can't enter the Kingdom of God."
  • They Live A Godly Life – 2 Peter 3:11 ”What Holy, Godly lives you should be living!”
  • They Pursue Holiness in Everything they Do (1 Peter 1:15-17; Heb 12:14)
  • They Fear God (Luke 12:5; Php 2:12)
  • They Forsake Sin & Obey God's Commandments
    (1 John 3:6-10; 1 John 2:3-6; Acts 17:30-31)
  • They Separate themselves from the World & Do Not Compromise
    (2 Cor 6:17; Rom 12:2; Titus 2:11)
  • They Overcome Satan's Temptations To Believe Anything Contrary to God's Word
    (1 John 5:3-5; Rev 3:5)
  • They're Productive For Jesus (Matt 25:21)
    John 15:8 Jesus says,"My True Disciples Produce Much Fruit"
  • They Walk the Narrow Path that leads to Eternal Life (Matt 7:13-14)
  • They Passionately Love & Conform to Jesus (Matt 10:37-39; Rom 8:29);
  • They Have A Servant's Heart. (Matt 23:11)
  • They Endure Hardships, Trials, Testings, & Persecutions for Jesus
    (2 Tim 2:3-13; 2 Tim 3:12; 2 Cor 11:23-30)
  • They Deny Self & Follow Jesus (Luke 9:23-26)
  • They Surrender All To Jesus (Gal 2:20)
  • They Are Ready & Waiting for His Return (Luke 12:35-38)
  • They Do NOT Compromise with the World (James 4:4-10)
  • They Conform to Jesus & Not To This World (Rom. 12:2; Rom 8:29, 2 Cor 3:16-18)
  • They Produce Good Fruit For Jesus - John 15:8 "My True Disciples Produce Much Fruit"
    (Matt 7:15-20; Matt25:14-30)
  • They Do All Things For The Glory of God (1 Cor 10:31)
  • They Cast Down Imaginations & Hold Captive All Thought (2 Cor 10:3-6, Phil 4:8)
  • They Don’t Believe False Teachings & Anything That Is Contrary To God’s Word
    (Rev 2:2, 1 John 2:27)
  • They Let Their Light Shine–Their Face Exudes Christ
    ( Matt 5:16, 2 Cor 3:16-18; 3:7; 4:6; Acts 6:15)
  • They Have Eternal Life & Will Not Experience God's Wrath (John 3:36)



True Christians vs False Christians (Good vs Bad) - What Jesus Says About Both



True Christian vs False Christian

(Obeys God's Word vs Disobey's God's Word)

  • Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus says, “NOT EVERYONE who calls out to Me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL ENTER. On Judgment Day MANY will say to Me, ‘Lord! Lord! We Prophesied in Your Name and Cast out Demons in Your Name and Performed MANY Miracles in Your Name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew You. Get away from Me, you who BREAK GOD'S LAWS.’


Good Water vs Lukewarm Water

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Revelation 3:15-16 Jesus says, “I know all the things you DO, that you are neither HOT nor COLD (WHICH IS BOTH GOOD WATER = TRUE CHRISTIAN). . I wish that you were one or the other! But since you are like LUKEWARM WATER(BAD STAGNANT WATER =FALSE CHRISTIAN), neither HOT NOR COLD (GOOD WATER = TRUE CHRISTIAN), I will spit (vomit) you out of My Mouth!”


Wheat vs The Weeds

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Matthew 13:36-43 Jesus says, “The Son of Man is the Farmer who plants the GOOD SEED. The FIELD is the WORLD, and the GOOD SEED represents the people of the Kingdom. The WEEDS (FALSE CONVERTS) are the people who belong to the Evil One. The Enemy (satan) who planted the WEEDS (FALSE CONVERTS) among the WHEAT (TRUE CHRISTIANS) is the devil. The Harvest is the End of the World, and the Harvesters are the Angels. “Just as the WEEDS (FALSE CONVERTS) are sorted out and Burned in the Fire (HELL = THE LAKE OF FIRE), so it will be at the End of the World. The Son of Man will send His Angels, and they will remove from His Kingdom everything that causes Sin and All who DO Evil. And the Angels will throw them into the Fiery Furnace (HELL = THE LAKE OF FIRE), where there will be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth. Then the RIGHTEOUS will Shine like the Sun in their Father’s Kingdom. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!”


Good Fish vs Bad Fish

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Matthew 3:47-50 Jesus says, “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a FISHING NET that was thrown into the Water and caught Fish (TRUE & FALSE CHRISTIAN) of every kind. When the net was full, they dragged it up onto the shore, sat down, and sorted the GOOD FISH(TRUE CHRISTIANS) into crates, but threw the BAD FISH(FALSE CHRISTIANS) away. That is the way it will be at the End of the World. The Angels will come and separate the WICKED PEOPLE from the RIGHTEOUS, throwing the WICKED into the FIERY FURNACE, where there will be WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH.


Narrow Gate vs Wide Gate

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Mathewt 7:13-14 Jesus says, “You can enter God’s Kingdom ONLY through the NARROW GATE. The HIGHWAY TO HELL is broad, and its GATE IS WIDE for the MANY who choose that way. But the GATEWAY TO LIFE IS VERY NARROW and the Road is DIFFICULT, and only a FEW EVER find it.”


Good Fruit/Good Tree - vs - Bad Fruit/Bad Tree

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Matthew 7:15-20 Jesus says, “Beware of False Prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really Vicious Wolves. You can identify them by their FRUIT, that is, by the way they Act. Can you pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? A GOOD TREE produces GOOD FRUIT, and a BAD TREE produces BAD FRUIT. A GOOD TREE can’t produce BAD FRUIT, and a BAD TREE can’t produce GOOD FRUIT. So every Tree that does not produce GOOD FRUIT is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, just as you can identify a Tree by its Fruit, so you can identify people by their Actions.”


Solid Rock vs Sinking Sand

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus says, “Anyone who LISTENS to My TEACHING and FOLLOWS it is WISE (TRUE CHRISTIAN), like a person who builds a House on SOLID ROCK (TRUE CHRISTIAN). Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house (PROBLEMS & PERSECUTIONS & TESTINGS OF OUR FAITH TO SEE IF IT'S GENUINE OR NOT - 1 Peter 1:6-8), it won’t collapse because it is built on BEDROCK. But anyone who HEARSMYTEACHING and IGNORES it is FOOLISH, like a person who builds a HOUSE ON SAND. When the Rains and Floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a MIGHTY CRASH.”


Wise Bridesmaids vs Foolish Bridesmaids

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Matthew 25:1-13 Jesus says, “The Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated by the story of TEN BRIDESMAIDS (SERVANTS - TRUE & FALSE CHRISTIANS) who took their lamps and went to meet the BRIDEGROOM (JESUS). FIVE of them were FOOLISH (FALSE CHRISTIAN), and FIVE were WISE(TRUE CHRISTIAN). The FIVE who were FOOLISH didn’t take enough olive oil for their lamps, but the other five were wise enough to take along extra oil. When the BRIDEGROOM (JESUS) was delayed, they all became drowsy and fell asleep. “At Midnight they were roused by the shout, ‘Look, the BRIDEGROOM (JESUS)) is coming! Come out and meet him!’ “All the Bridesmaids got up and prepared their lamps. Then the FIVE FOOLISH ONES (FALSE CHRISTIANS) asked the others, ‘Please give us some of your oil because our lamps are going out.’ “But the others replied, ‘We don’t have enough for all of us. Go to a shop and buy some for yourselves.’ “But while they were gone to buy oil, the BRIDEGROOM (JESUS) came. Then those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast, and the door was locked. Later, when the other FIVE BRIDESMAIDS returned, they stood outside, calling, ‘Lord! Lord! Open the door for us!’(Luke 13:23-30; Matt 7:21-29)“But he called back, ‘Believe me, I don’t know you!’ “So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the Day or Hour of My return."


Good Soil VS Bad Soil

(True Christian vs False Christian)

  • Matthew 13:18-23 “Now listen to the explanation of the Parable about the Farmer (Jesus) planting Seeds (God's Word): The Seed (God's Word) that fell on the FOOTPATH (HARD GROUND = FALSE CHRISTIAN who thinks they understand God's Word but don't) represents those who HEAR THE MESSAGE ABOUT THE KINGDOM and DON'T UNDERSTAND IT. Then the Evil One comes and snatches away the Seed that was planted in their hearts. The Seed on the ROCKY SOIL (BAD SOIL = FALSE CHRISTIAN) represents those who HEAR THE MESSAGE and IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE IT WITH JOY.But since they don’t have DEEP ROOTS (IN GOD'S WORD), they don’t last long. They FALL AWAY as soon as they have PROBLEMS or are PERSECUTED FOR BELIEVING GOD's WORD. The Seed that fell among the THORNS (BAD SOIL = FALSE CHRISTIAN) represents those who HEAR GOD'S WORD, but all too QUICKLY THE MESSAGE IS CROWDED OUT BY THE WORRIES OF THIS LIFE AND THE LURE OF WEALTH, so NO FRUIT is Produced. The Seed that fell on GOOD SOIL (GOOD SOIL = TRUE CHRISTIANS) represents those who TRULY HEAR AND UNDERSTAND GOD'S WORD (OBEYS IS TOO) and PRODUCE A HARVEST OF THIRTY, SIXTY, OR EVEN A HUNDRED TIMES AS MUCH AS HAD BEEN PLANTED!


Good Servants vs Bad Servants

(True Christian vs False Christian)

Parable of the Ten Servants

  • Luke 19:11-48 Jesus said, “The crowd was listening to everything Jesus said. And because He was nearing Jerusalem, He told them a Story to correct the impression that the Kingdom of God would begin right away. A nobleman was called away to a distant empire to be Crowned King (Jesus) and then return. Before He left, he called together TEN OF HIS SERVANTS(TRUE & FALSE CHRISTIANS) and divided among them TEN POUNDS OF SILVER, saying, ‘Invest this for me while I am gone.’ But his people hated Him and sent a delegation after Him to say, ‘We do not want him to be our king.’ “After He was crowned King, He returned and called in the SERVANTS to whom He had given the MONEY. He wanted to find out what their profits were. The FIRST SERVANT reported, ‘MASTER, I INVESTED YOUR MONEY and MADE TEN TIMES THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT!’ “‘WELL DONE!’ the King exclaimed. ‘YOU ARE A GOOD SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN). YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL WITH THE LITTLE I ENTRUSTED TO YOU, SO YOU WILL BE GOVENOR OF TEN CITIES AS YOUR REWARD.’ “The NEXT SERVANT(TRUE CHRISTIAN) reported, ‘‘MASTER, I INVESTED YOUR MONEY and MADE FIVE TIMES THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT!’ “‘WELL DONE!’ the King exclaimed. ‘YOU ARE A GOOD SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN). YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL WITH THE LITTLE I ENTRUSTED TO YOU, SO YOU WILL BE GOVENOR OF FIVE CITIES.' “But the THIRD SERVANT (FALSE CHRISTIAN) brought back only the ORIGINAL AMOUNT OF MONEY and said, ‘MASTER, I HID YOUR MONEY AND KEPT IT SAFE. I WAS AFRAID BECAUSE YOU ARE A HARD MAN TO DEAL WITH, TAKING WHAT ISN'T YOUR AND HARVESTING CROPS YOU DIDN'T PLANT.' “‘YOU WICKED SERVANT (FALSE CONVERT)!’ the King roared. ‘YOUR OWN WORDS CONDEMN YOU. IF YOU KNEW THAT I'M A HARD MAN WHO TAKES WHAT ISN'T MINE AND HARVESTS CROPS I DIDN'T PLANT, WHY DIDN'T YOU DEPOSIT MY MONEY IN THE BANK? AT LEAST I COULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME INTEREST ON IT.’ “Then, turning to the others standing nearby, the King ordered, ‘TAKE THE MONEY FROM THIS SERVANT (FALSE CHRISTIAN), AND GIVE IT TO THE ONE WHO HAS TEN POUNDS.' ‘BUT, MASTER,’ they said, ‘HE ALREADY HAS TEN POUNDS!’ “‘YES,’ the King replied, ‘AND TO THOSE WHO USE WELL WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN, EVEN MORE WILL BE GIVEN. BUT FROM THOSE WHO DO NOTHING, EVEN WHAT LITTLE THEY HAVE WILL BE TAKEN AWAY. And as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want Me to be their King—bring them in and EXECUTE them right here in front of Me."

The Parable of the Talents

  • Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus says, "The Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated by the Story of a Man going on a long trip (JESUS is talking about Himself. He came to earth the First Time, and he went away to Heaven, and He is Coming Back). He called together his Servants and entrusted his MONEY to them while he was gone. He gave FIVE BAGS OF SILVER to one, TWO BAGS OF SILVER to another, and ONE BAG OF SILVER to the last—dividing it in proportion to their ABILITIES. He then left on his trip. “The SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN) who received the FIVE BAGS OF SILVER began to invest the money and earned five more. The SERVANT(TRUE CHRISTIAN) with TWO BAGS OF SILVER also went to work and earned two more. But the SERVANT(FALSE CHRISTIAN) who received the ONE BAG OF SILVER dug a hole in the ground and HID THE MASTER's MONEY. “After a long time their MASTER (Jesus) returned from his trip and called them to give an account of how they had used his money (Judgment). The SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN) to whom he had entrusted the FIVE BAGS OF SILVER came forward with five more and said, ‘Master, you gave me five bags of silver to invest, and I have earned five more.’ “The Master was FULL OF PRAISE.‘WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN). YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL IN HANDLING THIS SMALL AMOUNT, SO NOW I WILL GIVE YOU MANY MORE RESPONSIBILITIES. LET'S CELEBRATE TOGETHER!’ “The SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN) who had received the TWO BAGS OF SILVER came forward and said, ‘Master, you gave me two bags of silver to invest, and I have earned two more.’ “The Master said, ‘WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT (TRUE CHRISTIAN). YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL IN HANDLING THIS SMALL AMOUNT, SO NOW I WILL GIVE YOU MANY MORE RESPONSIBILITIES. LET'S CELEBRATE TOGETHER!' “Then the SERVANT (FALSE CHRISTIAN) with the ONE BAG OF SILVER came and said, ‘Master, I knew you were a harsh man, harvesting crops you didn’t plant and gathering crops you didn’t cultivate. I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it in the earth. Look, here is your money back.’ “But the Master replied, ‘YOU WICKED AND LAZY SERVANT (FALSE CHRISTIAN)! IF YOU KNEW I HARVESTED CROPS I DIDN'T PLANT AND FATHERED CROPS I DIDN'T CULTIVATE, WHY DIDN'T YOU DEPOSIT MY MONEY IN THE BANK? AT LEAST I COULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME INTEREST O IT.’ “Then he ordered, ‘TAKE THE MONEY FROM THIS SERVANT (FALSE CONVERT), AND GIVE IT TO THE ONE WITH THE TEN BAGS OF SILVER. TO THOSE WHO USE WELL WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN, EVEN MORE WILL BE GIVEN, AND THEY WILL HAVE AN ABUNDANCE. BUT FROM THOSE WHO DO NOTHING, EVEN WHAT LITTLE THEY HAVE WILL BE TAKEN AWAY. NOW THROW THIS USELESS SERVANT (FALSE CHRISTIAN) INTO OUTER DARKNESS, WHERE THERE WILL BE WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH.’

We must pay attention to God’s Word and make sure our lives are lining up with all that Jesus told us to do, or we too might be found out to be one of the Bad Fruit/ Bad Fish like Jesus said.

  • John 14:15 Jesus says, “If you love Me, Obey My Commandments.”

Cut Sin Out Of Your Life – God Is Holy – We Are To Be Holy Like God Is Holy

  • Hebrews 10:26-39 "If we DELIBERATELY CONTINUE SINNING AFTER we have received KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH, there is NO longer ANY SACRIFICE THAT WILL COVER THESE SINS. There is only the TERRIBLE EXPECTATION OF GOD'S JUDGMENT AND THE RAGING FIRE that will consume His Enemies. For anyone who REFUSED TO OBEY the Law of Moses (Old Testament) was put to Death without Mercy on the Testimony of two or three witnesses. Just think how much WORSE THE PUNISHMENT WILL BE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE TRAMPLED ON THE SON OF GOD, and have treated the BLOOD OF THE COVENANT (New Testament Covenant), which made us Holy, as if it were COMMON AND UNHOLY, and have insulted and disdained the Holy Spirit who brings God’s Mercy to us. For we know the one who said, “I will take revenge. I will pay them back.” He also said, “The Lord will judge his own people.” It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (MORE)

  • Matthew 5:28-30 Jesus says, “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with Lust has already committed Adultery with her in his heart. So if your Eye—even your good eye—causes you to Lust, GOUGE IT OUT AND THROW IT AWAY. It is better for you to LOSE ONE PART OF YOUR BODY than for your WHOLE BODY to be THROWN INTO HELL! And if your hand—even your stronger hand— CAUSES YOU TO SIN, CUT IT OFF AND THROW IT AWAY. It is better for you to LOSE ONE PART OF YOUR BODY than for your WHOLE BODY to be THROWN INTO HELL!"

In other words, if you are a True Christian, and your Computer causes you to fall into Sexual Sin (looking at Pornography) – Jesus warns us that we must Cut Sin Out Of Our Lives, or we will Perish.

Any area that you are constantly being Tempted to Sin in – Cut It Out Of Your Life!

We are to be Dead to Sin!

  • Romans 8:6 "To be CARNALLY MINDED (fleshly, worldly) is DEATH."

  • Romans 6:2 “Since we have DIED TO SIN, how can we continue to live in it?”

  • Romans 6:11 “So you should consider yourselves DEAD TO SIN and able to live for the Glory of God through Christ Jesus”

  • 1 Peter 2:24 “He personally carried away our sins in his own body on the Cross so we can be DEAD TO SIN and live for what is RIGHT.”

There is no such thing as a “Carnal Christian.” You might feel like you are safe, and that God loves you and will overlook your sin, but just know that this is a lie from Satan, and is contrary to God’s Word. God does not wink and overlook sin. God is Holy! You will judged on what you did and didn't do—your obedience to God's written Word.

  • 1 Peter 1:15-16 But now you must be Holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is Holy. For the Scriptures say, “You must be Holy because I am Holy.”

Repentance & Faith in Jesus - Matt 4:17, Matt 18:3-4, Mark 1:15, Luke 13:3-5, Acts 2:38, Acts 17:30-31, Acts 20:21, John 3:36

  • Proverbs 14:12 “There is a Way which seems right to a man, but it’s end is the way of death.”

  • Jeremiah 17:9 “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?

We must be OVERCOMERS, through Christ, over: Sin, Trials, Tests, Temptations by Believing, Trusting, and Obeying God's Word!

Remember, those who OVERCOME, through Christ, will inherit Eternal Life!

  • Revelation 2:7 Jesus says, "He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches; To him that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil) will I give to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God."

  • Revelation 2:11 Jesus says, "He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches; He that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil) shall not be hurt of the Second Death (Hell)."

  • Revelation 2:17 Jesus says, "He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the Churches; To him that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil) will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knows saving he that receives it."

  • Revelation 2:26 Jesus says, "And he that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil), and keeps My Works unto the End, to him will I give power over the Nations."

  • Revelation 3:5 Jesus says, "He that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil), the same shall be Clothed in White Raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the Book of Life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before His Angels."

  • Revelation 3:12 Jesus says, "Him that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil), will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the City of my God, which is New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him My new name."

  • Revelation 3:21 Jesus says, "To him that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil), will I grant to sit with Me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His throne."

  • Revelation 21:7 Jesus says, "He that OVERCOMES (Sin, the Temptations of the Devil) shall Inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My Son."



Christians Must be Very Careful what Foundation They Are Building On

Are we Building our life upon Jesus Christ, or is it merely on having a Successful Ministry, or Successful Life?

  • 1 Cor 3:10-15 “Because of God’s Grace to me, I have laid the Foundation like an Expert Builder. Now others are Building on it. But whoever is Building on this Foundation must be VERY CAREFUL. For no one can lay any Foundation other than the one we already have—JESUS CHRIST. Anyone who Builds on that Foundation may use a Variety of Materials— GOLD, SILVER, JEWELS, WOOD, HAY, OR STRAW. But on the JUDGMENT DAY, FIRE will Reveal what kind of WORK EACH BUILDER HAS DONE. The Fire will show if a person’s WORK has any Value. If the WORK survives, that Builder will receive a REWARD. But if the WORK IS BURNED UP, the BUILDER WILL SUFFER GREAT LOSS. The BUILDER WILL BE SAVED, but like someone BARELY ESCAPING THROUGH A WALL OF FLAMES.”

  • Luke 6:45 Jesus says, A Good Person produces good deeds from a Good Heart, and an Evil Person produces evil deeds from an Evil Heart. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

  • Mark 12:30 Jesus says, “You shall Love The Lord Your God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.”



Examine & Test Yourself

  • 2 Cor 13:5 "Examine Yourselves to see if your Faith is Genuine. Test Yourselves. Surely you know that Jesus Christ is among you; if NOT, you have Failed the Test of Genuine Faith."

Find Out what it means to be a Lukewarm "Christian", and if you are in Danger of being Lukewarm.

Take SO4J-TV's Lukewarm Christian Test



Jesus Warns Us to Beware of False Teachers

  • Matt 7:15-20 Jesus warns, "Beware of the FALSE PROPHETS (FALSE TEACHERS), who come to you in SHEEP'S CLOTHING but INWARDLY ARE RAVENOUS WOLVES. You will know them by their FRUITS. (17) A GOOD TREE produces GOOD FRUIT, and a BAD TREE produces BAD FRUIT. A Good Tree can’t produce BAD FRUIT, and a BAD TREE can’t produce GOOD FRUIT. So every Tree that does NOT produce Good Fruit is chopped down and thrown into the Fire (Hell). Yes, just as you can Identify a Tree by its Fruit, so you can IDENTIFY PEOPLE BY THEIR ACTIONS."

  • Matt 24:11 Jesus warns, "MANY FALSE PROPHETS will Appear & Deceive MANY People."

Jesus told us to Beware of False Teacher for a Reason.

A False Prophet or False Teacher does Not always come off as a False Teacher! In fact in Matt 7:15-23 Jesus told us that they are "WOLVESDISGUISED in SHEEP'S CLOTHING". So in other words a False Teacher might come across as a NICE PERSON, GOOD COMMUNICATOR, and have a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR as well. They might be WELL LIKED, THOUGHTFUL, FULL OF EXCELLENCE, VERY GENUINE, and might Say THOUGHT PROVOKING THINGS (with Scripture mixed in as well) that MOTIVATES and/or INSPIRES YOU— and makes you want to get a Pen & Paper to write their Ideas down as quick as you can.

A False Teacher might be a WELL MEANING PERSON, who's agenda might NOT be out to Intentionally hurt God's People. In fact they might believe 1000% that they are doing God's Work. But whether they're out to Deceive people on Purpose or Not, it doesn't matter— as this False Teacher might be a Victim of Satan's Lies himself— HE TOO MIGHT BE DUPED!

Jesus told us to BEWARE for a Reason— because these False Teachers are DANGEROUS WOLVES. They lead people to Believe that are on the right Road to Heaven, when really these people are unknowingly on the BROAD PATH that leads to HELL (Matt 7:13-14)! The False Teacher DOESN'T tell people the True TERMS OF THE GOSPEL, as they'd prefer to WATER DOWN THE GOSPEL in order to be well liked. The True Gospel is Convicting!

  • John 16:8-9 Jesus says,"When He (the Holy Spirit) comes, He will CONVICT THE WORLD OF IT'S SIN, and of GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS, and of the COMING JUDGMENT. The World’s Sin is that it refuses to believe in Me."

Jesus was Crucified, Peter, & Paul, and others were thrown into Prison for the True Gospel, Tortured, Suffered (2 Cor 11:23-30, 2 Cor 6:4-10), and Murdered for their Faith in God & His Word, etc. May the Lord give us Great Discernment against False Teachers & False Teachings, and may we not be afraid to speak the Truth in Love. Read: Judging Others - Should Christians Judge?

WARNING: Satan Deceives Many— Satan Deceives the Whole World!

  • Revelation 12:9 “Satan, deceives the Whole World.”

  • 2 Cor 4:4 “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.”

Jesus also warns about the Hypocrites who think they are Saved!
Matt 23:1-33, Mark 7:1-20, Mark 12:38-40, Luke 11:39-52

  • Mark 8:15 Jesus warned them, “Watch out! Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod.”

  • Matt 24:4 Jesus says, “Take heed that no one deceives you.”

  • Matt 24:11 Jesus says, “Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many."

  • Matt 24:24 Jesus says, “For false christ's and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”

  • Matt 7:15-20 Jesus says, “Beware of False Prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.”

  • 2 Tim 3:5 “They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!”

  • 2 Pet 2:1-2 “But there were also False Prophets in Israel, just as there will be False Teachers among you. They will cleverly teach destructive heresies and even deny the Master who bought them. In this way, they will bring sudden destruction on themselves. Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of truth will be slandered.”

  • 1 John 4:1 “Do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.”

  • Jude 1:3-4 “Dear friends, I had been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share. But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to defend the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to His Holy people. I say this because some ungodly people have wormed their way into your churches, saying that God’s marvelous grace allows us to live immoral lives. The condemnation of such people was recorded long ago, for they have denied our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.”

  • Gal 1:6-7 “I am shocked that you are turning away so soon from God, who called you to himself through the loving mercy of Christ. You are following a different way that pretends to be the Good News but is not the Good News at all. You are being fooled by those who deliberately twist the truth concerning Christ.“

  • 2 Tim 4:3 “For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.”



More of God's Word on How Unsaved People Look Saved

  • Matt 15:7-9 Jesus says, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far away. Their worship is a farce, for they replace God's commands with their own man-made teachings.”

  • Matt 6:2 Jesus says, “When you give to someone in need, don’t do as the hypocrites do—blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! I tell you the truth, they have received all the reward they will ever get.”

  • Psalm 50:16-22 God says, "Recite my laws no longer, and don't pretend that you obey me. For you refuse my discipline and treat my laws (God’s Word & God’s Commandments) like trash….You sit around and slander a brother (gossip against a Christian)….While you did all this, I remained silent, and you thought I didn't care. But now I will rebuke you, listing all my charges against you. Repent, all of you who IGNORE ME, or I will tear you apart, and no one will help you.”

  • Prov 26:25 “Though they pretend to be kind, their hearts are full of all kinds of evil.”

  • Luke 16:15 Jesus said to them, “You like to appear righteous in public, but God knows your hearts. What this world honors is detestable in the sight of God.”

  • Isaiah 1:11 “What makes you think I want all your sacrifices?” says the Lord. “I am sick of your burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fattened cattle. I get no pleasure from the blood of bulls and lambs and goats."

  • Jer 23:11 "Even the Priests and Prophets are ungodly, wicked men. I have seen their despicable acts right here in my own Temple,” says the Lord.”

  • 1 Tim 4:2 “These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead.”



Unsaved People Look Saved - Scriptures from Amazing Bible Studies

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Matt 15:9
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John 8:41
John 8:4
John 8:5

- They Draw Near to Me (Jesus) with their Mouth; they Honor Jesus with their Lips
- They Worship Jesus, but they are NOT Saved
- On the outside they look Righteous and Holy
- They Tithe on Everything
- They sit in important places; people greet them
- They do NOT appear to be Unsaved; Men are not aware that they are Unsaved; Men come to them; they Appear to be something they are Not

- They call Jesus, "Master"; they Believe they are Saved
- They have Positions of Authority; Men Obey Them
- They Build the Graves of the Prophets
- They have a form of Bible Knowledge, yet are NOT Saved
- They have Zeal for God
- They Seek to Enter Heaven
- They knock at God’s Door; They Pray & Call Upon the Name of the Lord (Mt 7:21)
- They take Communion; He (Jesus) Taught in their Streets
- They say to Jesus, "Lord, Lord"
- They Prophesy in the Name of Jesus; they Cast out Devils in the name of Jesus; - They do MANY Wonderful Works in the Name of Jesus, yet Perish

- They Trusted in Themselves that they were Righteous
- They Pray Long Prayers (Luke 20:47); They Give Thanks to God; Outwardly
- They Appear to be Sinless

- They Fast Twice a week; they give Tithes of all they Possess
- They walk in long Robes; people greet them in the Market Places; They have the Highest seats in the Synagogues; They sit in the Chief Rooms at the Feasts; Some are Writers (or scribes) of the Bible, yet NOT Saved

- They are Religious Leaders; they sit in Moses’ Seat
- They have Authority to command people what to do
- They look Holy; they do works that look Good; they dress Beautifully
- They love to be called "Rabbi" (or may love to be called "The Treasurer, The Secretary, or the Preacher" of his Church, or of Many Churches)

- They Glory in Appearance
- People Consider them to be God’s Servants
- People call them, "Master, Father, Rabbi"
- They Travel Long Distances to save a Person
- They Save Souls
- They are careful to Judge the Smallest things, while overlooking the Weightier Matters
- They make sure they appear Holy
- They outwardly appear Clean and Pure; they appear to be Beautiful
- They decorate the tombs of the Prophets
- They declare themselves righteous, yet are NOT Saved
- They Fear God
- They have a Humble Attitude
- They give much Alms; They Prayed to God always
- These say they are Apostles
- They Worship God (Mt 15:9)
- They direct people to hear God’s Servants
- They are Apostles, but False; are Workers, but Deceitful;- They Transform Themselves (their own way) into the Apostles of Christ, as His Ministers

- They are transformed as the Ministers of Righteousness
- They Profess that they Know God
- They say, "I Know Him"
- They say they are in the Light, yet are NOT Saved

- They Boast of God
- They Rely on the Law (or the Bible)
- They Know His Will
- They are Instructed out of the Law
- They are Confident they are a guide of the blind
- They are Confident they are an Instructor or Teacher
- They Boast of the Law

- They Offer Sacrifices
- They come before God
- They bring Incense
- They keep the Sabbath and New Moons
- They call Solemn Meetings
- They call Assemblies
- They spread forth their Hands
- They make many Prayers

- They Draw near to God with their Mouth
- They Honor God with their Lips
- Their fear toward God is taught by the Precept of Men

- They Seek God Daily
- They delight to know God’s ways, as one that did Righteousness
- They ask ordinances of justice
- They delight in approaching to God
- They Fast
- They Afflict their Soul
- They say they are Holy
- They say, "Let the Lord be Glorified"; yet are NOT Saved

- They swear by the Name of the Lord
- They make Mention of God
- They call themselves of the holy city
- They Stay Themselves upon God

- They Come unto God
- They Sit before God as His People
- They Hear God’s Word
- They Show much Love with their Mouth

- They Prosper
- They are Happy
- They take Root
- They Grow and bring Forth Fruit
- Thou art near in their Mouth

- They ask God’s People to Pray for Them (Acts 8:24)

- They lean upon the Lord
- They say, "Is not the Lord Among us?"
- They say, "None Evil can come upon Us"

- They say, "God is our Father"
- They call Jesus, "Master"
- They can quote God’s Word (showing some of them Study God’s Word diligently), - - They are Experts in the Law (or in God’s Word)


Someday God Will Reveal to the World Who God's Real Children Are

  • Romans 8:19 “For all Creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who His Children really are.”

  • Matthew 13:24-30 Here is another story Jesus told: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Farmer (Jesus) who planted Good Seed (people of God’s Kingdom) in His field. But that night as the workers slept, His enemy (Devil) came and planted Weeds (Evil People who belong to the Devil) among the Wheat, then slipped away. When the Crop began to grow and produce Grain, the Weeds (people of God’s Kingdom) also grew. “The Farmer’s Workers went to Him and said, ‘Sir, the field where you planted that Good Seed (people of God’s Kingdom) is full of Weeds (Evil People)! Where did they come from?’ “‘An enemy (the Devil) has done this!’ the Farmer (Jesus) exclaimed. “‘Should we pull out the Weeds? (Evil People) ’ they asked. “‘No,’ The Farmer (Jesus) replied, ‘you’ll uproot the Wheat (people of God’s Kingdom) if you do. Let both grow together until the Harvest (the End of the World) . Then I will tell the Harvesters (Angels) to sort out the Weeds (Evil People), tie them into bundles, and burn them, and to put the Wheat in the barn (God’s Eternal Kingdom)’” (See also Matt 13:37-43!)

  • 1 Corinthians 4:5 “So be careful not to jump to conclusions before the Lord returns as to whether or not someone is faithful. When the Lord comes, he will bring our deepest secrets to light and will reveal our private motives. And then God will give to everyone whatever praise is due. 











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