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SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready? - SO4J-TV Show - One Hour

SO4J-TV & Video Production -

Video: Lukewarm "Christians" Judgment Day-Are You Ready? (2/9) SO4J-TV   Opens In-New-Window Icon

[The Full 1 Hour SO4J-TV Show can seen by typing in: or the 2 links right below]


Video: SO4J-TV Show: Judgment Day-Are You Ready? - 1 Hour - PLAYLISTOpens In-New-Window Icon

Judgment Day - Are You Ready? 1 Hour SO4J-V Show & DVD - SO4J-TV - SO4J.comFROM SO4J-TV: This SO4J-TV show is a warning from Matthew 7:21-23 where Jesus talks about the FATE of Self-Deceived FALSE CONVERTS who merely had come to the EDGE of Saving Faith - but they eventually REJECT or WALK AWAY from the TRUTH when Tested with the CARES & LURES of this Life. The 10 minute mini-movie that is inside this 1 Hour TV Show is a video portrayal of the LUKEWARM professing so-called "CHRISTIANS" of Matthew 7:21-23 which are UNSAVED people who: THOUGHT, TALKED, LOOKED like they were Saved but were not— which is DIFFERENT than a Backslidden-Weak-in-Faith-Christian (1 Thess 5:14) like King David or Peter too was at one time. The people that Jesus talks about in Matthew 7:21-23 were NOT True Believers, as they were NEVER saved to begin with— as Jesus says about them in: Matthew 7:23 "I NEVER knew you, Depart from Me, you who Practice Lawlessness".

"We're NOT Saved by WORKS (Legalism), but our FAITH is PROVEN (show evidence or FRUIT) that we are SAVED by our WORKS." (Matthew 3:8). True REPENTANCE produces GOOD FRUIT (Luke 3:8, John 15:8, Gal 5:22-24) and/or OBEDIENCE to Jesus— and it is GOD who grants REPENTANCE-&-FAITH (2 Tim 2:25, Acts 5:30-31).  If one professes to be a Christian but there is no Obedience to God's Word (1 John 2:3-6) out of a Love for Jesus (John 14:15) & one Continues IN Sin (1 John 3:8-10) then we'll have to Face the Terrifying Consequences of Heb 10:26-31. This is called APOSTASY— which is a REJECTION or DESERTION from FAITH in JESUS & GOD'S WORD. Where people HEAR & RESPOND to the Gospel by making a “DECISION” for Christ or "PROFESSION OF FAITH" (like Judas). Jesus warns us over & over again about True & False Conversion i.e. the PARABLE OF THE SOWER: Matt 13:3-23.

The Purpose of this SO4J-TV Show is to provoke those who call themselves “Christians" to Examine their Faith with God's Word (2 Cor 13:5), to make sure they are Biblically Saved and ready to face Jesus on Judgment Day (Rev 20:11-15, 2 Cor 5:10).  “Life is SHORT, Hell is FOREVERREPENT & Have FAITH in JESUS!  SO4J-TV Team - - Written By Martha Mac ©

This Video is a short Segment of a Full One Hour SO4J-TV Show: Judgment Day-Are You Ready? This is a Video Portayal of Matt 7:21-23. Go Here for MORE INFO: Lukewarm Christians— Judgment Day-Are You Ready? so you do Not misunderstand WHAT this Video is about, and WHO these people are in this Video. Go Here for: Biblical Assurance of Salvation, Q & As, & To Examine Your Faith as well. Go Here for: WHAT IS A LUKEWARM "CHRISTIAN"? Go Here for the: Gospel of Jesus Christ

The 1 Hour TV Show includes: On The Street Interviews in Huntington Beach, CA and in Mpls MN; the Lukewarm Christians— Judgment Day-Are You Ready? 10 Min Mini Movie, and SO4J-TV shares it's List of the: Top 10 Ways That Unsaved People Think They're Saved.


Justin Peters - A Call For Discernment
Exposing Word of Faith Prosperity

Justin Peters Clouds Without Water 2 DVD Discs (7 Hours) - SO4J-TV -


Updated 2013 DVD - 4 Sessions & Extras - 7 Hours - 2 DVDs - visit the STORE page

JUSTIN PETERS— CLOUDS WITHOUT WATER - PREVIEW DVD— is a Fair Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Prosperity gospel. SO4J-TV & Video Productions worked with Justin Peters Ministries to Produce an Updated DVD of Justin's Excellent & Informative.


Video: Justin Peters: Exposing the Prosperity Gospel - SO4J-TV Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: The Devilish Pupper Master of the Word-Faith Movement - Justin Peters - Strange Fire Conference  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Spiritual Shipwreck of the Word-Faith Movement - Justin Peters - Strange Fire Conference  Opens In-New-Window Icon


Gospel of Jesus Christ & other SO4J-TV Videos

Video: Gospel of Jesus Christ - SO4J-TV Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: SO4J-TV's Martha Mac Interviews Ray Comfort of the Way of the Master TV Opens In-New-Window Icon

SO4J-TV asked Ray about what is means to be "SO4J" (Sold Out For Jesus). They also talk about Biblical Evangelism and his Book "What Hollywood Believes", which explores the Faith of the Rich & Famous.

Video: SO4J-TV's Martha Mac Proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to 7,000  Opens In-New-Window Icon

SO4J-TV's Martha Mac Proclaimed the Gospel to 7,000 in a Public Prayer, as she had an opportunity to share Jesus Christ and take the public quickly through what is called the Good Test. This Prayer opportunity happened on the front steps of the State Capital, in which Martha opened up this event with a Word of Prayer.

Emergent Church Defined DVD - Exposing Emerging Church Movement - SO4J-TV -


EMERGENT CHURCH DEFINED - DVD— is a Biblical Critique of the Emergent Church Movement. Produced by SO4J-TV & Video Productions. This DVD & Video answers: What is the Emergent Church? What does the Emergent Church Believe? There is a lot of Confusion about the Emergent Church, and their Beliefs. The Emergent Church avoids: Definitions, Statements of Faith, and Boundaries, as they Embrace Postmodern Thinking and Mystery. SO4J-TV Host Martha Mac interviews Pastor & Author Bob DeWaay about some of the Many Unbiblical Beliefs of the Emergent Church. 


Video: Emergent Church Exposed & Defined - SO4J-TV Opens In-New-Window Icon


Paul Washer Videos

Paul Washer - Shocking Youth Message - Video


Video: Shocking Message - Full Length - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon


Video: Come to Christ, He is Mighty to Save! - Paul Washer

Video: Jesus Died! - Paul Washer

Video: Lord, Lord I Never Knew You! - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Paul Washer Project - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Examine Yourself - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Charo Washer's Testimony - Paul Washer's Wife  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: We Have Forgotten that the Way is Narrow - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: The Judgment of God & The Great White Throne - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: How Man Times Have You "Got Saved"? - Paul Washer  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Paul Washer Total Depravity Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: I Am Not Ashamed of the TRUE Gospel - Paul Washer Opens In-New-Window Icon


John MacArthur Videos


Video: Kirk Cameron interviews John MacArthur  Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Your Best Life Now or Later? - John MacArthur Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: John MacArthur Rebukes Joel Osteen Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Saved or Self-Deceived, Part 1 - John MacArthur Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Saved or Self-Deceived, Part 2 (Matt 7:21-27) John MacArthur

Video: How Can I Know God's Will For My Life? - John MacArthur Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: John MacArthur on the Purpose Driven Life Opens In-New-Window Icon


Video: The Only Road to Heaven (Matthew 7:13-14) - John MacArthur Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: A Wideness in God's Mercy? - John MacArthur Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Exposing Mormon Beliefs - John MacArthurOpens In-New-Window Icon



Cross TV Videos - Mark Kielar


Video: Is Your Pastor a Bible Teacher or a Philosopher? - - Mark Kielar Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Doctrine of Election - Cross TV - Mark Kielar - PLAYLIST Opens In-New-Window IconOR here on > DOCTRINE OF ELECTION


Leonard Ravenhill Videos

Leonard Ravenhill - SO4J-TV & Video -
(1907 - 1994)

Video: Judgment Seat of Christ - Leonard Ravenhill Opens In-New-Window Icon

Agony - Leonard Ravehill Opens In-New-Window Icon


Various Preachers

Video: Light of the World Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: HELL - Don't Be Caught Dead Without Jesus Opens In-New-Window Icon

(aka Great Commission Video)

Video: The Truth    Opens In-New-Window Icon
Saved By Jesus Christ: Deliverance from Homosexuality Opens In-New-Window Icon
The Few / Washer / Ravenhill / Conway / Leiters
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Run - Carter Conlon
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
It Will Cost You Everything
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia
(Amazing & Inspirational Story)
The Narrow Way Opens In-New-Window Icon
Hell is Real - The Lake of Fire - Eternal Torment
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Hell - Jesus Describes Hell - Part 1 thru 6
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Zeal & Love for the Word of God! (Getting into God's Word)
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Video: John Piper & the Prosperity Gospel - John Piper
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Video: Preach the Word - John Piper
 Opens In-New-Window Icon
Videoe: Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel - John Piper Opens In-New-Window Icon
Video: Remember the Rich Young Man - John Piper
 Opens In-New-Window Icon

Praise & Worship Music

Video: Praise & Worship Music - PLAYLIST Opens In-New-Window Icon
Video: People Get Ready Jesus is Coming! Opens In-New-Window Icon
Video: Keith Green - Asleep in the Light (Live) Opens In-New-Window Icon


Christian Videos for Kids - & Go Fish Guys - Let's Sing DVD & more

— This Excellent Christian Music group called "Go Fish" have AMAZING Christian Kids Music that's Biblical & won't drive you as a parent crazy as well (Lol)! Their DVD;s usually contain 10 Sing-a-long Videos featuring the "Go Fish Guys", Animation, Concert Footage, Lyrics on screen, and Choreography for kids! "Go Fish Guys" also have a Vacation Bible School curriculum "Backstage With The Bible". You can Buy all their DVDs, & CDs and more at:


Video: Superhero - Go Fish GuysOpens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Fruit of the Spirit - Go Fish GuysOpens In-New-Window Icon

Video: The Ten Commandments (2009) - Bible Animated Kids Movie HDOpens In-New-Window Icon


Way of the Master Videos - Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron

 Way of the Master TV - Ray Comfort - Kirk Cameron -

Video: Evolution vs God - Ray Comfort Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: 180 Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Kirk Cameron Salvation Testimony with John MacArthur Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: True & False Conversion Opens In-New-Window Icon

Kirk Cameron talks with Gang Members - Good Test Opens In-New-Window Icon


Hell's Best Kept Secret - Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron

Hell's Best Kept Secret - By Ray Comfort -  Livingwaters  / Way of the Master /

AUDIO— Hell's Best Kept Secret - Ray Comfort - MP3

Why do 80-90% of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the Faith? PDF / Video

(AUDIO & PDF is Non-Copyright: Free to Copy & Distribute to Family & Friends)


True & False Conversion - Ray Comfort

True & False Conversion - By Ray Comfort - Livingwaters / Way of the Master /

AUDIO— True & False Conversion - Ray Comfort - MP3

Why do so many in the Church Look & Act just like the World?

(AUDIO & PDF is Non-Copyright: Freely Copy & Distribute to Friends)

True & False Conversion - Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron


Good Person Test

Good Person Test - Livingwaters & Way of the Master - BIBLICAL EVANGELISM - HERE


3 Minutes to Live - Tony Miano
How to Share the Gospel in Three Minutes Biblically & The Danger of the Modern Gospel

Video: 3 Minutes to Live - Tony Miano - Ray Comfort - Way of the Mastee - Part 1 of 3  Opens In-New-Window Icon FULL PLAYLIST

Tony Miano shares how to Biblically share the Gospel in only Three Minutes. What if you only had 3 minutes to share the Gospel with a Dying man? Would you be Ready? Do you feel like you can't speak? Do you feel that you don't know what to say? How can you convince him of the Truth? Do you know how to quickly Share your Faith with a deceived Mormon or a deceived Jehovah Witness when they come to your door, when you only have 3 Minutes? Listen and find out! One can Buy the CD at:

Video: The Danger of the Modern Gospel - Tony Miano - Opens In-New-Window Icon 



Todd Friel - Biblical Evangelism - Wretched TV & Radio - Bullhorn Response Video

Todd Friel - Bullhorn Response Video - SO4J-TV -

Video: Rob Bell - "Bullhorn Guy" Nooma Response (Todd Friel of "Wretched" responds to False Teacher Rob Bell's Nooma VideoOpens In-New-Window Icon

Video Produced by: SO4J-TV and Todd Friel. Todd Friel, Host of "Wretched Radio & TV" - Explains & Demonstrates How To Share Your Faith Biblically. More here: Biblical Evangelism

Todd Friel, Host of Wretched Radio, explains true Biblical Evangelism. He does so by responding Biblically to the various approaches to Evangelism that many Churches use— Evangelism Methods that are not Biblical. 
Many Ministers these days would rather we Water-Down the message of the True Gospel with the another "so called" gospel, so that we do not offend people. They do not want there people using words such as: Judgment & SinHell, Righteousness, and Repentance. They say that it is just too offensive. So they opt to give a message that is not Biblical— one that does not Convict one of Sin, nor warn of God's Coming Judgment. Jesus however warned everyone continually that we need to Repent & Believe the Gospel— (Luke 13:3,5) because God has set a day for Judging the World with Justice through Jesus Christ: Acts 17:30-31, Matt 13:37-43. Todd Friel explains the obvious differences between the various "so called" gospels being preached these days, with the one true Gospel that is—Clear, Sound, and Biblical. Todd shows us that we should never compromise God's Word by watering down the Gospel, and he encourages True Believers to be actively persuading all to come to Repentance & Faith in Jesus while there is still time.


Todd Friel vs Atheist Dan Barker - Atheist Debate - This is a Preview of the DVD: "The Case For Atheism (There Isn't One)" - 2 DVDs


Todd Friel - Does God Exist? Produced By Burning Bush l Video By SO4J TV & Video Productions

Atheism vs Christianity Debate Preview Video - Todd Friel vs Dan Barker Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video Produced by: SO4J-TV & Todd Friel. This is a a short Preview video of Todd Friel's Atheist Debate DVD called: "The Case for Atheism (There Isn't One) - 2 DVDS


Video: Are You Really A Christian? Take the 15 Question Test - Todd Friel Wretched - Radio & TV Opens In-New-Window Icon



Movies - Christian Movies & Films - Free Online Films

Megiddo - The Omega Code 2 - End Times Movie

Christian Movies

Video: Charles Spurgeon Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Fanny Crosby - Her Life & Testimony - Blind Christian Songwriter who Praised God for her Blindness Opens In-New-Window Icon
Songs that Fanny wrote: "Blessed Assurance", "To God be the Glory," "Praise Him"& thousands of others

Video: The Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan - Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: The Jesus Movie (1979) - Full Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: The Omega Code Part 2 - Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Hudson Taylor Life & Testimony - Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon
Hudson Taylor pioneered Missions to the interior of mainland China

Video: The Emissary - The Life of Paul - Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon

Video: Years of the Beast - Movie Opens In-New-Window Icon

* The Christian Videos on this Page do NOT imply endorsement of any Ministry, Production Company, or Website Link that is Posted in these Videos. The only Endorsement that is worthwhile are the Resources which Follow & Promote Biblical Truth. While recognizing the Good Fruit from many of these:Videos, we cannot vouch for their every Belief, or Biblical Inaccuracies. Please exercise Discernment, and TEST everything with the Word of God.

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