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These are the main Producers & Corporate Officers of SO4J-TV. SO4J-TV has various Production Crew & Volunteers (2 Cor 4:5, Phil 3:8).

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Rick Wagner - a Producer of SO4J-TV & Video Productions - SO4J.comRick Wagner

Co-Executive Producer / Board Member

Videographer / Editing / Graphics

Rick Wagner has had an extensive worldwide background in Video Production & video display technology for Broadcast TV shows, live concerts, corporate presentations, theme parks, video and photo shoots. He also does website design, Flash animations, graphic design and professional photography. As a Musician he has also been involved in music writing, directing, performing and recording. He has been a Guest on the KKMS Radio Show—the "Jeff & Lee Show". Rick is a Member of "Grace Community Church" (GCC) in Sun Valley, CA. His Pastor is: John MacArthur, and his "GCC Fellowship Group Pastors" are: Phil Johnson, and Mike Riccardi (Grace Life Fellowship) at: & 
Rick Wagner's experience has involved him in a variety of Shows & Productions throughout the U.S., Europe and the Far East. Here is a partial list of his past Credits.

- Way Of The Master Radio (Wretched Radio & TV) - Todd Friel
- Olive Tree Ministries - Jan Markell
- Justin Peters Ministries- Justin Peters
- Good News For Israel - Chris Heeb
- CIC Ministry - Bob DeWaay
- Paula Abdul Concert Tour
- Gloria Estefan Music Video
- Sean Connery Television Commercial Shoot for Tekanne Tea
- MTV Movie Awards Broadcast Show
- VH1 Awards Broadcast Show
- Batman Forever Movie Video Display Technology
- Universal Studios Video Display Technology
- Wheel of Fortune live broadcast shows
- Fox Broadcasting Superbowl 1999
- Disney Video Display Technology
- Comcast Television commercial shoot with Daisy Fuentes
- Telemundo, Latin American "Numeros Rojos" Game Show
- Footlocker Retail Video Display Technology and Automation
- Simon Weisenthal Museum LA Automated Display Technology
- Sea World Florida automated/live theatrical presentation installation
- Marshall Field's "Glamorama" Live Fashion Show
- Target Stores Corporate Presentations and Video Display Technology
- Paul Mitchell Live Fashion Show Video Directing
- Paris Air Show with Lockheed Martin Video Display Technology
- Worlds Fair Korea 1993 A/V Control Programming

...Plus a variety of productions, shows, and systems programming for...PepsiCo, Anhueser Busch, Panasonic, Coca-Cola, Northwest Airlines, Shell Oil, Pillsbury, Redken, Sony, Cadillac, Country Music Television, Intergraph, Mentor Graphics, Busch Gardens, Brookfield Zoo, Several News Sets, NATPE, The Masters Golf Tournament, International Council of Shopping Centers, Bacardi, Boeing, Dairy Queen, Reebok, Musicland, Kodak, 1984 World's Fair, Super Bowl 1992, JVC Audio, Mills Corporation, Mall of America, ADT/Tyco, Chicago Police Department ...and many more...


Martha Mac - a Producer & Host of SO4J-TV & Video Productions - SO4J.comMartha Mac

Co-Executive Producer & TV Host / Board Member

SO4J-TV Founder / Host / Writer / Editing / Graphics

Martha Mac is Founder, Co-Executive Producer, and TV Host of SO4J-TV & Video. She is a Member of "Grace Community Church" (GCC) in Sun Valley, CA. Her Pastor is: John MacArthur, and her "GCC Fellowship Group Pastors" are: Phil Johnson, and Mike Riccardi (Grace Life Fellowship) at: & She has worked on numerous TV Shows & Films. Some of her past TV Show experiences include being a Nationwide Gameshow Hostess for 2 Gameshows called, "Crosswords" & "Word Watch". She has been interviewed by CNN. She has also been a Guest on the KKMS Radio Show— the "Jeff & Lee Show". She has been in numerous Commercials, and Print Ads, and has appeared in the "Good Housekeeping" Magazine in full page ads and also on the cover of Cable Magazine. She has also Hosted TV Shows such as the "MSV-TV", "Rock Solid Videos", "Jason Lewis Tribute Show", and "Crosscuts" where she did TV interviews with National Christian Bands "The Newsboys", Scott Wenzel of "Whitecross", etc. Martha has also interviewed: Actor Stephen Baldwin; Author & TV Show Host Ray Comfort of Way of the Master TV &; Author & Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries (Christian Apologetics) Dr. James R. White; Author Bob DeWaay, Evangelist & Speaker Justin Peters, Christian Authors/Speakers: Jan Markell, Ron Rhodes, Gary Kah, Eric Barger,etc. National Christian Bands: "Petra" (Winner of 4 Grammy Awards), "The O.C. Supertones", National Recording Artist Bryan Duncan, Owner of the Miami Dolphins Football Team, Wayne Huizenga, Jr, Owner of the Minnesota Wild Hockey Team, Bob Naegele, Jr., and many more. She has helped with the Video Production work for Video Projects for "Way of the Master Radio" with Todd Friel (of Wretched Radio & TV), and "Olive Tree Ministries" with Jan Markell, "A Call for Discernment" DVDs with Justin Peters, and other Christian Ministries. Martha Mac has appeared in major Airport Billboards for the "United Cab" company, and has modeled many times for "King Koil Mattresses" for Slumberland, Pella Windows, Watkins Skin Care Video, Formal Princess Commercial, "Non-Smoking" Commercials, etc. She has also appeared Nationwide on the "Lifetime Network", numerous times on TV Shows "USA Direct", and the "Fashion Channel".

Martha had the opportunity to do the opening Prayer, and to proclaim the Gospel of Repentance & Faith in Jesus Christ to 7,000 people in front of the State Capitol.

She has written many SO4J Bible Studies, and has co-written Commercials, Mini Movies, and various projects for SO4J-TV. She is NOT a Pastor, nor does she hold any Leadership Position in a Church.

She is Author of a small Book entitled "God's Little Love Book". This book has been sold in the Mall of America, and other Christian Bookstores.

She has toured with a Christian Acting & Mime Group all over the U.S., as well as in Europe (Spain, Germany, Denmark,etc). They performed along with Amy Grant, and Barry McGuire in Coophagen, Denmark. She also attended: Keith Green's "Last Days Ministries - I.C.T" (Intensive Christian Training School) in Texas.

Martha is also a Licensed Cosmetologist, and has taught (in the past) at John Casablanca's Modeling School. She has been a Public Speaker and has taught at Conferences in the past on a subject for women: "26 Qualities for Christ-like Confidence"; a workshop on inner and outer Beauty. (1 Peter 3:3-4)

Martha was crowned "Ms Petite Minnesota" in 1995, and she also won the "Ms Congeniality" Award.


Sandy Russell - a Producer of SO4J-TV & Video Productions - SO4J.comSandy Russell

Co-Executive Producer / Board Member

Office Manager / Photographer

Sandy Russell earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcasting and Marketing at Indiana State University. She has had career experience in Communications, Public Relations, and Sales Distribution. Sandy's sales experience includes working with Colgate-Palmolive and Bristol Meyers. Sandy is a Born-Again Christian-- and loves the Lord. 



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